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    Jan 2011
    There is an odd bug with doing this to demon souls. After you install the package the game thinks there isnt enough space on the HDD for save data, even if running from disc. If you delete the package then the game runs fine from disc again.

    Edit: It seems demon souls doesnt work with this program. Seems that the package still looks for the disc for data. No disc = no load.

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    I tring to do this for games that never work, like assassins creed, The Lord of the Rings - Conquest, but i can't decrypt EBOOT.BIN. Who can i do this?


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    Jan 2011
    I looked at the elf and was thinking it could have something to do with the only instance of the dvd being unicode instead of a normal string. Im trying a quick manual edit test.

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    Yes this is the reason why some games not work coz they can't find the data and we can fix it coz this decrypting tools dont do the whole job If i would know the byte data to replace with then i would make it work.

    You don't need to this app will do for you and you can requested it save decrypted eboot on the end of the proccess. Works perfect.

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    I'm trying withou decript eboot.bin, but i'm having the same error: it can create the pkg file. Do you know what can be happening?

    Thaks again.

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    Great job man! So easy now

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    A great breakthroughn no error but a black screen or a frozen screen for Enslaved and Monopoly during the updating screen...

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    Great tool, makes life much easier!

    One question: has anyone encountered an error with code 80010038 when installing PKG files? I have this error on PKG files for 3 games (Singstar, Monopoly, The Sly Collection). Any ideas?

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    Ok, the manual edit i did to demon souls lets the game load from HDD but the false no space error still happens. Anyone know a reason for this?

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    code 80010038 measn this : Description The PlayStation 3 system wasn't able to load the game or game data. This may be caused by a dirty or scratched disk or the game data couldn't load.

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