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  1. #131
    dnacid Guest
    Did you use the right GAME ID? this is very important. It must be the same as the one in PARAM.SFO.

    btw, i use it under WinXP 32Bit.

  2. #132
    michalss Guest
    what feature would you like me to add ?

  3. #133
    soh20 Guest
    yes i have the correct ID ok now it works perfect! sweet

    i made something wrong with the folder lol

  4. #134
    dnacid Guest
    maybe no need to write self the game id

  5. #135
    dragonpiper Guest
    michalss your tool should work even if your on 3.41 cfw ?

    And is there a thread with a ftp manager that works for cfw 3.41 ? i only see 3.55 stuff

  6. #136
    NSCXP2005 Guest
    I would like USB support so games that are not to big for Internal can run off a External USB Drive.


  7. #137
    michalss Guest
    Release history

    0.9.1 RC1
    - replace some tools with new ones
    - add set variable HOME
    - clean the code a bit
    - add button to clear data in work dir

    0.4.8 beta
    - add auto decrypt of eboot.bin
    - fix wrong paths
    - add save selection files
    - remove usb option

    - many bugs

  8. #138
    ema2ooo Guest
    could you please provide us the source code, thanks in advance

  9. #139
    michalss Guest
    Here is some video i made might it will help you understand:

  10. #140
    ema2ooo Guest
    the dev_usb001 is missing again in the latest ver , could you please add it , thanks

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