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    Registered User CHIVASOFT's Avatar
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    I can confirm it can make the PKG and installs on 3.55, but the game gets only black screen (FIFA 09 US)

    Used the latest version posted a few mins ago, it now works fine.

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    Hi Michalss,

    Would you be able to get this working with USB Hard Drives?

    I am still having problems with the app not saving the PKG, it keeps saying it can't find Hex Replace in AppData\Roaming.

    I hope you can help me resolve this issue.



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    i'm using latest version... error persist.

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    i got the very last version but i still get the error.

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    I got same error with the latest version and then i changed make_self_npdrm.exe with another one and now it works.

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    NOTICE this app is good as released tools for signing, decrypting ,etc.. If there is something what this external tool missing then its too bad and we need some new one it is tested with 3.41 fw and most of the games work, 3.55 is different story and it is good as tool from g... call package_finalize.exe.

    i have confirmation that eboots from my apps workign just fine on 3.55 but not sure too.

    Also once you ftp files over your PS3 make sure you folder is the exact the same as you selected from Mod tool. Game Folder name is not GameID!
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    Did you copy it in tool folder from auto mod tool?

    push the "Clear Work Folder" in the tool and try it again, maybe it works than.

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    btw do i have to move EVERYTHING from the GAMES/BLESXXXX/PS3_GAME/USRDIR/

    even if there is another folder called "german" with many files from the game?

    i know i have to let the EBOOT.BIN in there

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    0.9.1 RC1 version released: made some changes + set variable HOME

    bmp bn2 doc gif gz jpe jpeg jpg nfo pdf png psd rar tar targz txt xls zip


    0.9.1 RC1
    - replace some tools with new ones
    - add set variable HOME
    - clean the code a bit
    - add button to clear data in work dir

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    I'm glad to confim, that this time the test is Succesfull!!!!, FIFA 09 running on 3.55 using the lastest version of this App, The game loads trophy, save game, and all game modes, works 100%


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