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    Jan 2011
    awesome.. looking forward to try it out mate.. good luck on it. keep up updated.

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    Hi michalss,

    Awesome work mate.. Sorry for asking but any ETA on a working version? Seems most people are getting a error on finalizing.

    Thanx for your work....

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    Thanks dude for the hard work, making our lifes easier, wainting for the update!

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    Jan 2010
    It didn't edit PARSM.SFO, so you'll have to do it manually.

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    with some fixes and clearing out some details (like where the files should actually go) i think it will be really great.

    i was told to put my files in dev_hdd0/RDR1GAME/USRDIR but i tried that and i tried putting the files in dev_hdd0/game/BLUSXXXXX/USRDIR but got sent back to xbm both times.

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    ok new version is done 0.4.8 testing it now it also do autodecrypt or eboot and replace some tools with newones

    i could possibly give the source code out as well but now sure if someone want it

    here you go latest version.

    0.4.8 beta
    - add auto decrypt of eboot.bin
    - fix wrong paths
    - add save selection files
    - remove usb option

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    Thanks dude, testing right now!

    it now creates PKG very well, goin to PS3 to test, Game test is FIFA 09 (only got that one)

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    so after i finish patching a game i just copy it to my hdd and play it on my 3.55 ofw ps3?

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    Nov 2010
    can someone please help me out? i tried to make the pkg but i got that error at the end.

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    Apr 2005
    i got same error here

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