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    Junior Member sika's Avatar
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    3.55 might need to package_finalize the pkg, shouldn't the program need to use the keys to sign things?

    anyways new version is out 0.3.2 beta:
    • fixed psn pkg
    • fixed logs
    • fixed save bin/elf files
    • reduce to select only 1 folder
    • fix more bugs

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    GT5 doesn't work also for me, I get the same result as hexediting manually trying various prefixes, a black screen and the console frozen..

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    I am still getting the error with the new version.
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    I made a pkg for new vegas manually and it loaded the game but it came up with the ini file error that this game is having, too me it makes me believe this will work, also I dont see how this would be any different then using dev_hdd0 the eboot still needs to look at something other than dev_bdvd if i am missing something let me know and I wont bother with trying this method again.. Cheers

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    Thumbs Up cheers!

    michalss on the fix! it works great now, no errors here!

    it removed the temp blus30696 after complete in the hex folder, converted game again.. noprob!

    chakas did you edit the PARAM.SFO on forehand? then u get this error?! put original param.sfo into gamefolder,should work then
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    Hmm, that's odd, but hopeful! I tried editing my copy of AC:B to usb0 knowing it worked great from hdd0, but it failed, black screening on start. Now this shouldn't rule it out alone, as I may have made a mistake along the way. However, USB0 was discouted through many tests and also through theory. I haven't had chance to test Auto MOD tool for usb0 yet, as iPads don't have great exe/USB support!

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    i have a blu ray burner would this work on a blu ray recordable. with decryption and encrypted?? or does it only work on geohot firmware??

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    No, I mean the way it use to work.

    I couldn't get a PKG to work so I deleted them all, all the data already installed and tried to run it via OpenManager and it NOW refuses to run.

    The PKGs have done something somewhere to stop GT5 from running.

    Anyone thats had a play around with GT5 can you try it from a backup manager and see if it still runs. If not then you have the same problem I have now.

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    Backup managers don't work on 3.55.

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    I know, I'm on 3.41.

    What I can think is somewhere on the system it records what goes where.

    As the PKG says to install to BCES00569 and thats also the same dir as install game data there is a clash and the system is saying its a game not install data so it now refuses to install and run GT5 via backup managers.


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