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    Apr 2005

    ATMega16A Payload Injector Project for PS3 JailBreak Devices

    A few weeks back Dominator7 made a guide on how to port / convert plain payload files for USB JailBreak dongles, and today garyopa at PSX-Scene has posted news of an ATMega16A Payload Injector project for PS3 JailBreak devices including PSGroove.

    Download: ATMega16A Payload Injector v1.01

    To quote: A lot of people that have bought the original PSJailbreak, or the various cheap clones, have been left in the dark with the old basic first public release of PSGroove that the cloners had burned into their ATMega16A chips that been widely used in the dongles that have been sold!

    But of course with no bootloader burned in for future use, you can't update them to support the latest and greatest of the new payloads that have appeared like the Hermes V4b, and the very useful PL3 versions!

    Along comes ATMega16A Payload Injector Project which originally started out as forum thread on Elotrolado, the very active Spanish site, with lots of good talented PS3 Developers!

    So far on their Web site, they have lots of details on how to build your own programmer, plus they have designed a "Payload Injector" (which needs NET v3.0 framework), so that you can easy update the device, to flash a new payload.

    They are hard at work also in figuring out a way to add a "BootLoader", so will need to only wired up a programmer once, and then any time update the device later when a new wonderful "Payload" comes out.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    solrac1974 Guest
    Great news for people with these boards, thank God I have an upgradable PS3 Break 1.0 with AT90USB162 chip!

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Yea great project. The sceene is every time the best supporter you can have.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Great job - this is the way to go - community supporting everyone with all the various devices around.

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    winthur Guest
    and now i own a piece of junk (psjailbreak) with no more updates from them... this is sad.

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    Someone2 Guest
    We are on the same boat dude, i'm gonna try this tomorrow gotta buy some stuff to do it, i hope it works i've been following the original topic in eletrolado forum and it looks like most ppl had no problems getting it to work, i'm not really savy with this kinda things but it looks simple enough.

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    Mascio Guest
    i have a usbbreak pic not upgradable. I can use this software? If yes, what do i need?

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    jensen76 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Mascio View Post
    i have a usbbreak pic not upgradable. I can use this software? If yes, what do i need?
    use the ATMega16A Payload Injector link in the first post..

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    Deeluxe Guest
    Hello, and sorry for the noob question. I got the ps jailbreak and i want to know is there a way in updating it without opening and soldering it?

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    dead5times Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by jensen76 View Post
    use the ATMega16A Payload Injector link in the first post..
    I'm pretty sure that would be a bad idea, as the PSbreak uses a PIC and this app is for the ATMega16a.

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