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    Lezard, maybe you forgot to reinastall game data? Delete it and then let the game install once more. It works. Tested now with Chim in Totori's and Rorona's Atelier, works as a charm

    Also, necroziel, +Rep for you, eboot re-encrypted, and it works! Continue working!

    Also, I'll make edits to first post later on!
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    Oh indeed! my bad... after re-installing, it worked,got the events now , Thank you very much

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    at last, I've updated the first page! Thanks everyone!

    One russian PS3-scene related site shared this news, and download counter for this patch was over 3600+ hits for just a few days!
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    Great working fix

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    This fix not works for me

    It's the right Atelier Totori JPN eboot on the first post? looks like the original eboot has 20 Mb and the fix only 6Mb O_O

    But thanks for all work on this and Disgaea 4
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    Do you know if this would work for the Asian version (BCAS-20124)?

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    It's really working and only 6 mb because of ELF comression implemented. Try to delete installed game data and repeat the fix from the beginning. It works. Really

    And about Asian version, I have no idea. It may work, or it may not. Have no clue. Try it and report back

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    Is padding the issue where the text runs off screen?

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    Yes, it's a known bug. It's because japanese text buffer can only hold up to 20 chars. If it have been japanese, it would be OK, characters are wide. But english characters are narrow, and buffer is small. So, it is what it is.

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    is this game hot?

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