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  1. #31
    ultimatek Guest
    why the Star Ocean's image?

  2. #32
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    That is what came up on a Google image search... if you have another pic by all means attach it and we'll update the article with it.

  3. #33
    bugga12 Guest
    Here you go.

    If only you had IMG tags working.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    IMG code is enabled for attached images, which I just did for you now... see below.

    I have also updated the main article with this pic... you may need to do a hard-reload (CTRL+F5) to see it though.

  5. #35
    rubenz Guest
    Thank you for your hardwork, but is it Totori or Rorona? Sorry a little bit confuse

  6. #36
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Ah, yes, it should be Totori , Boss, sorry for confusion, please edit the headline It was late and I was tired.

  7. #37
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Unfortunately we can't edit titles as that messes up a ton of stuff with our Portal / Forum link system, so all we can do is fix it for the next update pretty much.

  8. #38
    niwakun Guest
    some request and ingredients are kinda mess up. I think it happens that even if you had the required ingredients, it doesn't synthesize. I wonder why though... lol

  9. #39
    Lezard Guest
    Thank you Tidus ^^ seems to work fine with me for now (i'm still at the beginning of the game). I have a question, not really important but is there any way to have Trophies? The trophy list for this game won't show up for me. japaneese or english trophy list whatever, just showing up the list on the XMB would be fine for me.

  10. #40
    rubenz Guest
    Yupz, I tried it and also it is working (I am still at the beginning too), the only problem only the text padding but it is ok I still can figure out what it is. Will try to do a request and synthesis

    Thank you again

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