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  1. #11
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Gonna facepalm myself

    Now it is so clear why there was such a mess, I didn't just suppose for it to be other than S-JIS (After Disgaea 4). Oh well, thanks for great help

    And about 9EDDA0. You're talking about original "unself"-ed EBOOT? In the dump I've posted, it's 3030h. NVM, though

  2. #12
    Dimkaua Guest
    Yes, about original "unself"-ed EBOOT. I have "unselfed"-ed EBOOT from Rorona english game, but don't from Rorona jap game. I think, if we compare two different EBOOT from same game (jap and eng Rorona) we can see many interesting things, cause Totori and Rorona use same engine and EBOOT from Totori jap very simmilar to Rorona eng EBOOT.

  3. #13
    holynoob Guest
    But how are you going to extract the english text from totori's eng eboot which is impossible to decrypt atm?

  4. #14
    Dimkaua Guest
    I can compare english and japanese Rorona EBOOT, and accordingly replace japanese text in japanese Totori EBOOT.

  5. #15
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    I thought of it too, but it would reqiure a lot more time.

    I dumped one of the biggest portions of text (IDK what it is, some kind of Library or actual item descriptions) and replaced 00's with *
    If someone wants to help, grab the file and begin translating everything between those *-marks - select text between them, parse in GT, replace in original file, repeat.

    There's a lot of text here, maybe we shouldn't translate bestiaries and NPC dialogues. We'll see
    Also, when editing, keep in mind byte count. Truncate text if needed

  6. #16
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    If no one is working on it, in some time I'll release a horrible "google-translated" version

    Although story dialogues are translated "officially" it won't be very bad.

  7. #17
    saito1234 Guest
    I think a Google translated version would be much better than nothing, I would be happy to play it, items and menus could be simple to understand like that, and also there's the original Japanese voice-over with most of the dialogues

    By the way, I'd like to ask something, when Agarest Wars Zero was released, with a JP-to-English patch, a .sec extractor and repacker was also released, I tested that, and it works with Agarest Wars 2 too... which isn't even announced yet, and probably it's US/EU version won't work either...

    After extracting it's .sec files the Japanese kanji's can be seen in the files, isn't it possible to translate them with Google Translator, and save them? I think the file structure is probably important, or something like that, so it isn't just a copy-paste... but someone with enough knowledge maybe could do it without much problems, when you have free time from your current projects and if you're interested could you maybe look into it?^^ I think it is a great game, but it is a little hard to understand when it's fully Japanese.

  8. #18
    mlmmt Guest

    Or you could...

    As much as I enjoy having a PS3 with CFW on it, Totori looks really good, and I might just go back to OFW to play it (assuming JFW-DH doesn't come out (with their claimed 3.72+ support) by the time I get enough money to get the game)

  9. #19
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Stupid Google API stole a lot of time till I figured GTranslation API is now for $$$.

    Hafta use Shtty MS Translator v2 API, where using SOAP caused XML crashes (who thought it would work, it's M$ here!), had to use HTTP requests.

    Finally, after some hours of work, I've made an automatic translator. Now translationa can be done in hour tops.

    But it's pretty late in here, gotta catch some sleep, hope tomorrow we'll have translated eboot (it really depends on me )!

  10. #20
    besth Guest
    I have tried swapping method mentioned earlier using the japanese USE DIR on US games as based. This seems to result in main dialog in english bu at the same time some events do not trigger causing the game unable to progress *for example, you cant proceed to ship building even you have the parts for it, totori father do not accept the parts...

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