The file structures of Meruru and Totori are similar, so I simply used a variant of Tidusnake666's conversion method for Totori.

This conversion gets you:
  • English voiceovers (optional)
  • English story messages
  • English menu messages

This conversion doesn't get you:
  • English character names
  • A fix for the number of characters per line
  • Some things I may have missed - I only ran the intro.


0. Obtain a copy of BLJM60348 (Atelier Meruru JPN) and BLES01593 (Atelier Meruru EUR)
1. Download the EBOOTFIX for BLJM60348:
2. Make a copy of your BLES01593, as this is what we'll be working on. Let's call it the HYBRID.
3. Replace PS3_GAME/PARAM.SFO from the HYBRID copy with the one from your JPN copy.
4. Edit the firmware version PARAM.SFO in your HYBRID copy - change 3.6000 to 3.4000. You will want to use a real text editor for this like Notepad++ (Windows) or nano/vi/emacs (*nix)
5. Replace the HYBRID's PS3_GAME/USRDIR/EBOOT.BIN using the file you downloaded in step 1.
6. Go to PS3_GAME/USRDIR/Res/sound/voice , and from here you have two options:
7a. DUB FANS (English voices) - Delete the folder called "fp", and rename the folder "fp_us" to "fp"
7b. UNDUB FANS (Japanese voices) - Delete the folder called "fp_us"8. Replace PS3_GAME/TROPDIR with the one from BLJM60348.
9. Replace PS3_GAME/USRDIR/Event/eventCheck and PS3_GAME/USRDIR/Event/eventprocess with the folders from BLJM60348
10. Copy files to internal or external and launch the game.


If you have a dongle, have a copy of Atelier Meruru EUR and the EBOOTFIX for it, PM me to get in touch. If you know someone (or if you have) a dongle, but no Meruru game, you can still PM me, we can figure something out. Due to the post here:, I think we should simply dump the EUR EBOOT instead of relying on a HYBRID fix.