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  1. #21
    maiquelrinco Guest
    sorry, but in newbie language, what´s the PS3 debug updates?

  2. #22
    Mantagtj Guest
    ignore the debug updates... use retail.

  3. #23
    lordofthething Guest
    I'm a bit confused on this concept of getting the debug update package files to get 'A' particular game to work. What exactly are these debug updates? What's the difference between that and retail update?

  4. #24
    hekimbaba Guest
    I like AC2 too much especially on ps3 platform. Thanks for the share, I hope it is going to work.

  5. #25
    kentaxel Guest
    I get an error while trying to run the pkg update from the ATAX version, any suggestions why this could be?

  6. #26
    Rajman Guest
    I need major help with this... I do everything correctly as in:

    - Copy game to PS3's internall HDD
    - Install patch EP0001-BLES00909_00-AC2TITLEUPDATE01-A0101-V0100-PE.pkg
    - Change the PARAM.sfo to 3.41 using 'PS3SFOEdit'
    - Make empty folder ASSASSIN_ISO in BLES00909\PS3_GAME\USRDIR
    - Load game with Open Manager 2.1

    I start the game from the XMB and it works... Intro is all fine, but then the first gameplay sequence (where you have to rapidly press Square) there is no sound and hereafter... I also noticed I dont get the mandatory install when the game is started, which could be the reason I get no sound... why is this? Also could it be because I have no disc in the drive (as my drive is dead)... so can someone test it with no disc in the drive and tell me if they get my problems.

  7. #27
    babyjoe00069 Guest
    there's your problem specifically it says you need a disk in drive and to start the game from the disk icon has no sound issues for me game works just fine.

  8. #28
    LIL935 Guest
    great news for the people who has psjailbreak, but for ubisoft its bad new because there is an deficite.

  9. #29
    InfiniteDrive06 Guest
    This is great for those who have downloaded the game, but what about those of us on 3.41 who bought the game and cant play it without upgrading to 3.50?

  10. #30
    MISTERE1999 Guest
    Copy game from disc to HDD then patch ??

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