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    Quote Originally Posted by ramensama View Post
    I keep getting the message: "There's a problem with the disc you are using. It may be damaged or dirty"
    You using the PS3 or Xbox360 version? We are talking about the PS3 version here.

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    hey guys, just to clear this up. this has nothing to do with debugs this time.

    use retail update and change the param in your backup folder.

    retail update is 3.30. the debug might not work properly since the self files are compressed.

    bring on NFS!!!

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    Has this been confirmed yet. I downloaded the 1.02 debug patch, not the other. So does it not work..any confirmation on someone who has tried it please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MRDOCA View Post
    hey guys, just to clear this up. this has nothing to do with debugs this time.
    Thanks and +Rep, I added your NOTE to the first post as well now!

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    What do you mean for change the param in your backup folder? you mean the 3.41 patch that can be found in some Open Manager?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Suizide1 View Post
    anybody know the scene release name?
    As usual The Scene have beaten to a PS3 game release.

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    just released happy ps3 players good luck for MS users.

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    Just to be clear you create the folder ASSASSIN_ISO once you enter the BLES00909 hence being BLES00909,ASSASSIN_ISO/empty... or BLES00909/USIRDIR/ASSASSIN_ISO that user dir part got me confused.

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    anyone experience issues with sound?

    EDIT: if you don't follow the same things OM+L2 to 3,41 then ps3 crash...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dyablo13 View Post
    So Debug Updates save the day yet again!
    Sorry but what is a debug update? And would this game work without them?

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