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    7ariel7 Guest

    Question Is anyone tried to decrypt ps3 files with gpgpu?

    if u can decrypt wpa/wpa2 this days, why not try to decrypt ps3 files like pkg or any other files?

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    stoprocent Guest
    because the encryption is different in these files

    i think it's 255bit

    so try to crack one out of 2^255 possibilities

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    7ariel7 Guest
    done little research and it seem to be doable. the thing that we need to know is the encryption method like aes and encryption bit. and of course the programming knowledge.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Im pretty sure that good coders already have encryption tools. And for what i know there are hackers out they will be able to unpack / rebuild a .PKG

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    Mercenary16 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by 7ariel7 View Post
    done little research and it seem to be doable. the thing that we need to know is the encryption method like aes and encryption bit. and of course the programming knowledge.
    No its not doable... have you ever heard of AES encryption and SHA 512 hash Algorithm?

    we are not cracking Wep keys here man...

    have a look herer http://www.truecrypt.org/docs/?s=hash-algorithms

    Hope it helps

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Mercenary16 View Post
    we are not cracking Wep keys here man...
    I understand the different but this is no reason to say "NO" its not possible. So we have seen scientist the have used a cluster of ps3 consoles to crack the SSL encryption. So why not to belive that there will be ppl out who allready have cracked the pkg encryption but keep it underground becouse it is not in there opinion to make this publicly? Or maybe some rich guy found a sony member / manager who selled him the encryption keys but also do not want to make it publicly?

    I dont say that it is available for the community but i belive that some one allready have done the job.

    And by the way... a dev ps3 can play games (e.g. pkg) from hdd.So game devīs must have a tool to pack the data / iso to pkg. Or do you belive that they every day send files to Sony there for they will pack it for the devīs?

    There will be ppl out who well known about pkg encryption and / or have a tool. And if not this than there will be hackers with a DEV PS3 and DEVKit for PC and with this both things they will be able to build pkg files.

    One of those

    At this point it will be more importend to get the signing keys than to crack the encryption of a pkg file.
    What will you do with the files of the encrypted pkg without the abbillity to sign the rebuilded pkg?

    Or if i remember right than one of the devīs sayed that the retail keys will be present on a dev ps3 and they will be also present in the newer FWīs.So why not Vice-Versa?

    Meaning, maybe the dev keys are also present on a retail konsole. Becouse they do not produce two different consoles.The hardware of both are the same (a little bit different but not importend). So it only depends on the FW and maybe some things we dont know to this time, such as flags.

    But since we have the newest flow rebuilder with ecc correction we are able to change a little bit the pkgīs in the fw.And ps3 needs a hdd to run but really importend data will not be stored on the hdd. They importend data are in the flash (older versions, since 80gb works different). Why? Becouse we could change the hdd, format it and use it. But the data what the ps3 needs on the hdd to run MUST be in the flash.

    Some one tryed to swap the pkg files between a dev and retail console and fix the ecc?

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    taladas20 Guest
    You could try brute force it but just make sure you leave a note telling your future great great great great great grandchildren not to shutdown the pc

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