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    digihoe Guest

    Question Any way to fix a corrupt flash?

    I was wondering if there is some way (except sending to Sony) of fixing a failed flash... The problem is that the flashing was interruppted sort of and now it will not answer on USB or BT/LAN. Could this be an electrical failure or just a "driver" failure...? The PS3 is a PAL 60GB and it starts up fine but displays some error code and "a network error has occured", the USB is "dead" meaning no 5V...

    From the begining the it was stuck in the mode "connect ps3 controller and press PS-button", but I formated the hard drive to get past that, however it is now stuck in "do you want to formate the disc? press X" and still unable to connect to the PS3 with controller via BT or USB...

    Anyone heard of the problem and the solution?

    On the old PS3 was there double firmware? New + last working? Can one revert back/fix without infectus dump?

    Looking for some help...

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    You could try removing the hard drive and format it in your main pc but if it was in the middle of an update when you got this error it will not do anything because the data it needs is nolonger there.

    i had the same problem and just sent it back to sony in the end.

    good luck.

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    Takavach Guest
    if you think your problem is for nand flash , so you must dump it with infectus or if your ps3 have firmware 2.50 you must restore it with your ps3 (use secret method).

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    digihoe Guest
    Well, the firmware I think is around 1.5X, that's why it said plug in the contoller to the USB... I got the PS3 a long time ago, but recived a 40gb at the same time, so I never bothered with fixing it... And now there is no warrenty...

    I have formatted the hard drive in a PC and the other PS3... But no luck, still no USB/BT...

    Has the boot for the 2.50fw been analysed?

    I have some electronics skill, so I think I could possibly attach a infectus, but only if someone has an idea of how to make it work...

    Anyone know if the USB, LAN, WLAN/BT can be turned off, I mean so there is no electricity to those components...? Are there any SMD fuses on the motherboard for these component?

    Best regards and thanks for the replys

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    zaror1992 Guest
    You knew about the new "Recovery Menu" in FW 2.5? I dont know if some option will help you but I think it should work haha. Dont try it now you should wait till someone more experienced tell you so, im not the right person i think.

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    idone Guest
    If the usb ports are not working their will be no way to pair the controller, and it sounds like the bt/wifi board might also be bad.

    I had a issue when i updated to 2.01 in which my wifi stopped working, 2.10 update restored this functionality.

    If your issues are software because of a failed update it is strange that it would even boot, but then again my 2.01 update completed and i had issues.

    If you dont plan on sending it in to sony, paying $150, and getting back a refurb with the latest fw installed, i would follow the traces from the usb lines to see if you can find a fuse and check continunity to see if it is blown. And maybe try replacing the wifi/bt card from your working console, but still if no controllers are paired this will be of no help but to see if the network error dissappears.

    If you do chose to go the infectus route... maybe i share a 1.5x dump with you and help you to try and rebuild a working dump.

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    digihoe Guest
    I personally just think I had bad luck with the update... Also I don't live in the U.S so getting the PS3 fixed takes months or so I've heard...

    Thank you I will keep this in mind,but first I should get an infectus...

    Will have to find time to look for the fuses, I suspect are there...

    Best regards!

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