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    Off topic sorry!

    Does anyone know why my PS3 would all of a sudden decide to freeze or crash at the XMB, it started doing it as soon as I installed Assassin B.Hood & the update pkg.

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    why don't you all upgrade to 3.50 like me? i just couldn't wait to play this AND GT5.

    can't see the point in playing older games and having no online play.

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    LOL, i tried the Rockbox PSGroove Hermes 4b+PSN+3.50 spoof and it didnt work. Any updates about the debug or a new EBOOT ?

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    Well there is four years of games or something isn't there.

    Anyway i got a ps3 extra for online.

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    I don't own any real games.. the only real games i have are really old like devil mat cry 4 and motorstorm. i'd rather keep all my badass games even if i can only play offline. their is still system link. i'm just gonna have to play black ops on my xbox if i want to play online for right now.

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    I really believe that this game will not be playable any time soon Unless we get a better manager or payload update, Seeing as there are games like "Eternal Sonata" that's been out for well over a year (EU version) that does not work or even the (Jap) version that's been out for over 2 years.

    "I am just stating... "Don't hold your breath" Whenever a new game comes out i see it as unplayable unless seen otherwise, That way you will not get your hope's up when it does not work.

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    When 3.50 jaibreak comes out maybe we can play

    They will be releasing a patch like they did with Black Ops, Assasins Creed soon... I just hope I can play GT5.

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    the thing with nfs is it was compiled with 3.30 sdk. but sony added the new keys after they got the gold disc from activision we need the debug update probably a retail update will be encrypted too. so just to clearify this ISN'T A BLACKSCREEN GAME. lol

    gt5... well i wouldn't hold your breath to be honest. there will be a update on launch though for the game. maybe (like i said though don't hold your breath) it will get this game working.

    moose579 congratulations, enjoy sucking sony's big black...

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    LMFAO Why are you even registered to a site like this. There is absolutely nothing you can contribute to these forums on FW 3.50 other than maybe posting about how much you suck on line LMFAO!!!

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    Everyone say hi to the $ony rep.

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