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    Senior Member Bartholomy's Avatar
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    Tells me Mono 2.8 is missing. But it's installed, i have ubuntu oneric. I installed monodevelop too, with .net, nothing change. wine psarc.exe still gives me the same error

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    dont use wine, it's a linux program. and there shouldn't be a .exe in this release. It just needs compiled under linux, Are you sure it's this version from : ferb.fr/ps3/PSARC/

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    Yep. I'm having difficult to compile the content with ubuntu. Do you know the proper command? +rep will be provided, some MAC and linux users could love a solution His source is horrible
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    'make' is the command, what error are you getting but if you have an .exe you definitely have the wrong version

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    I was talking about the psarc.exe, windows version. Then i found this linux release, but i cannot compile it. This is what i get, compiling:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Any idea?
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    looks like it's missing zlib, I'm looking at it now.

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    Let me know , thanks for help

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    Nice.. Need this!
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