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Thread: Aix Exploit for PS3

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    randalf Guest
    Hi, there is some information in the forum on this topic:

    The possibility that AIX uses PS3 was news on PlayStation 3 Dev Forum: PS3's Base AIX, also there are other post that there is some mention: Here and Here.

    One PS3 dev doc (old) makes two mentions on AIX, not important, only seems to confirm that AIX is present in some way in ps3:

    - PowerPC storage model and AIX programming:What AIX programmers need to know about how their software accesses shared storage: Link
    -The following terms are trademarks or registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States and/or other countires: AIX

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    sapperlott Guest
    I've said this already - there's absolutely no way the PS3 is running AIX. That would mean that IBM would have to hand out the sources of their enterprise UNIX to Sony to modify it as they see fit. This won't happen - ever. Besides - AIX is way too bloated for the PS3 and not written in C++.

    Even if this were true, the memdumps members have taken in the past would be riddled with IBM copyright strings which are nowhere to be found. Heck - IBM doesn't even offer AIX on its own Cell-based blade systems - they're Linux only.

    I guess this rumor stems from the fact that AIX is the only relevant PowerPC OS besides Linux and offers the same filesystem GameOS uses (although current AIX releases use JFS and not the dated UFS2 filesystem). That and IBM working with Sony and Toshiba on the Cell.

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