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Thread: 910D0 Beta All-In-One Nintendo Emulator for PS3 is Released

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    Prince Valiant Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by smokyyuwe View Post
    It's not even 300kb, I don't think it has any way of being legit.
    Not a chance.

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    slayer087 Guest
    I realize that after I went and downloaded it.. but i'm too scared to install it even lol I've heard of horror stories of fake or to be said this, turning to be sorts of destruction... hmmm I wonder what that little itty bitty thing is... curious curious but no guts.

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    Ozz465 Guest
    Not trying to insult anyone but how can anyone believe this to be even remotely possible? seriously ? the lack of common sense is embarrassing.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Well other than the 3DS and WII emulator (and possibly the gamecube) I think it's very possible on the PS3.

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    tthousand Guest
    Just look at the User Guide. You will see everything is possible. BTW, thanks for linking/uploading the user guide. I am sure this will explain everything to the users, and put an end to all this disbelief.

    I would like to inform everyone that there is no 910D0, and no 910D0 dongle. It was all an elaborate April Fool's joke. Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as we did

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