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Thread: Warhawk Beta Heads Up

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    houdini Guest

    Arrow Warhawk Beta Heads Up

    May 23, 2007 - Registration is now open for the Warhawk beta which begins tomorrow, May 24, and there appears to be a way to tell if you've been accepted. If you've registered, boot up your PlayStation 3, go to "friends," "account management," "transaction management," and "view services." A Warhawk icon will appear if you have been accepted into the beta.

    Alternatively, there is a beta test Website for PlayStation Underground members. Hit up the Site, enter your info, and it should tell you if you have gained entry to the beta.

    If you're one of the chosen, unfortunately you won't be receiving early access. But you might sleep a little easier knowing you have secured entry and tomorrow you'll be playing Warhawk.

    Thanks to for sharing the news with us!

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    brewmaster Guest
    you beat me to it i was just about to post this haha.
    thanx for the info though and i got in

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    Ephemeris Guest
    Current Beta

    You are enrolled in the following Beta Program.

    Warhawk Public Beta
    Sony Computer Entertainment America
    Beta Start 5/24/07 - Beta End 6/26/07


    Edit: I wonder if i'll have to update my system. Hmm...

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    TuRDMaN Guest
    Wahooooo, I got accepted too Can't wait to try it out

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    coheedcollapse Guest
    I freaking signed up for the beta the day it came out - before it was posted all over the internet. I've been in gap for years and have experience beta testing all sorts of other stuff yet I still get screwed out of the Warhawk beta test.

    Looks like it's back to FFVIII for me (I've been re-playing a bunch of old PS1 games). That and Resistance.

    I feel like a jilted lover, Sony. All these years playing PS1, PS2, my PSP and now my PS3. All these months defending the PS3 to no end on Digg. Why have you forsaken me?! Why!?!?! AUUUGH!


    Also Ephemeris. If you can't play the beta because you aren't going to update your system I officially hate you.

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    MrXToTheN Guest


    If Sony continues to give a damn on Europe I'll start to hate Sony! Why do I never get a Beta in Germany? No Warhawk for me... In Europe we need to wait longer for everything, we need to pay much more and we still get Sony's big weenie.

    We got the PS3 4 months later, we get the EE removed, we need to pay approximately 100$ more and our PSN Store only delivers us trailers or other crap like qbert. The USA gets Calling All Cars which I bought by the way with my sisters damn credit card on the US PSN Store because Sony only accepts payment by credit card. Has Sony ever heard of PayPal? Our european PS website is crappy too, it cannot stand against the american one, even though our site has the better style IMO.

    Then Sony gives another on the customers general need:

    Firmware 1.7 as well as 1.8 is useless for me, the browser still sucks and I can'T use voice chat while playing, I can't even watch a damn video while chatting! And why can't I write a mesage to someone while beeing in the webbrowser?!

    I can hear music while browsing but I can't write a message, wtf? Another thing: Why can't I hear music while reading a message? And why can't I answer to a meassage I got in-game? I've really looked forward to my PS3 and it is a really powerful and cool machine which is perfect for playing games. But it as the so called multimedia system.

    I could say much more but that's already too off topic ^^

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    DaDemon Guest
    I got in I'm actually surprised. It seems alot of people were accepted into the beta. ITs kinda of kool cuz now for sure people will be on when i wanna play

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    jaynice2 Guest

    WarHawk beta

    Where do you download warhawk from the playstation store or somewhere else? I am in the beta.

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    boss1337 Guest
    I think its delayed 24 hours, used to say 24th now it says 25th
    I guess keep watching the store

    Warhawk Public Beta
    Sony Computer Entertainment America
    Beta Start 5/25/07 - Beta End 6/26/07

    Date is back to 5/24/07 now so looks like todays the day

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    brewmaster Guest

    warhawk beta is out now go d/l it

    i'm d/l it as i post this. Its 756mb oh man i can't wait. if anyone else gets in let me know so we can play together

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