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    Is there any possible way of getting into trouble with sony if someone does this, b/c I am hesitant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uday View Post
    i can confirm playstation home does not work on ps3. I was able to install it but got the copyright error.

    fw 1.8
    I got the same error. Apparently they have a list of people they are reporting in the beta forums for warhawk on people who hacked their way in. Dont know what they can do about it other than ban you from future beta testing.

    They are saying that if they update the beta those not actually in the beta cant get the update. But if its anything like RFOM updates its all in game and they cant really stop that anyways. Its all speculation as I havent seen/heard of anyone who has been banned/kicked out of anything as of yet.

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    warhawk for the ban thing, and home for the copyright error.

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    In my opinion the only thing sony can do is to ban everyone from the warhawk beta, who is not mentioned as a beta tester in the verification server. They could in fact ban your ps3 but I don't think that this will happen.

    I mean we don't break any laws by downloading a file from a non-secure server (i mean the file link is not encrypted) and installing it via proxy is no crime either. Also in the terms of service there's no mention of a prohibition of our method as far as i know.

    There's no hacking or cracking involved so I think they could only boot us from warhawk itself (with the next update for example).

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    Quote Originally Posted by edpsx View Post
    I got the same error. Apparently they have a list of people they are reporting in the beta forums for warhawk on people who hacked their way in. Dont know what they can do about it other than ban you from future beta testing.
    I bet 90% of the people who submit to that list have enough time to tattle on people who are getting into the beta without official status but not enough time to submit a quality bug report. People take the exclusivity of being in the beta far too seriously.

    I really can't understand what these people are thinking.

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    Interestingly, this would not install for me using the F@H trick on my UK 1.80 console... However, it worked using PS3 Proxy and choosing the 'download in background' option...

    Anyway, this game itself states that it is a "Public Beta" so I don't see how they can start banning people from it. They're simply trying to keep the number of players on the server down since this is not release-standard code.

    I found it useful to set up a hosted game with a password just so that I could explore the levels & get a feel of the controls a bit before jumping straight in - very unusual for an online game to allow this. I have also had a fair number of random freezes which required my console to be powered down, but what do you expect from pre-release code... ?

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    Is it me or does the PS3 Proxy program in the downloads section that is linked to by Eternal's 1.5.x and 1.6 FW tutorial not work after the "Click OK" part?

    If that doesnt make sense, all I'm trying to say is when I click OK, it just seems PS3 proxy only runs in the background and not on my screen at all

    This is where I am stuck at with installing this demo, i look forward to succcess!

    sorry for double post, but I wanted to update and verify I used the F@H method and the PS3 ProxyServerGUI and it WORKED!

    NTSC FW 1.8

    WOoohoo lets play
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    Hi, I had just register on here just to ask this question.

    How do people know who to tattle on? Its not like we have a "HAXXED!!!" icon above our players.

    Btw, thanks a bunch! Warhawk is great

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    People may not know who to tattle on, but I'm pretty sure the people who sent out the invites for beta testing have a database record of those who have been accepted. The server they have setup for warhawk was setup to have a limited amount of people on there as testers rightfully. I think the freezing issue is related to the mixed number of people (testers vs. nontesters) who are clogging up the server. Could be wrong, though.

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    what exactly is the "F@H method" of installing the game? How is it different from the normal way of using a demo?



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