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  1. #71
    bambam50 Guest
    I followed the exact steps to download the warhawk. My ps3 will connect to the psn when I put in the proxy settings. I have fw 1.8. I don't know what is going on. Can someone give me a clue? I will try again when I get home

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    doncorky Guest
    Ok, listen. I'm in holland (that's europe for u americans) and i've got a PAL (obviously) 1.80 PS3. I thought to give warhammer beta a try. I didn't make a US account or whatsoever I just downloaded the the warhawk (US) file from the topic on this site. Then with 31rc with MSwinck file in the same folder and downloaded the ridge racer demo (i always use that one) to the PS3. I didn't have high hopes for it to work but it did.. maybe u guys find this information useful. btw i'm not experiencing any bugs.

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    bape88 Guest
    Work perfectly on US 1.80, did freeze a couple of time first time i tried it, but i've been playing for an hour right now in ranked game without no problem. Just wondering if they will keep the rank or it gonna be reset when the game will be released ...

    by the way i'm ready to join a clan, i'm a good player and also have mic, just msg me

    PSN: T-C-M

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    bakkenez Guest
    Did you managed to get it working via proxy download on FW 1.80?

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    dukker Guest


    I am also from Holland, this game works perfectly on my 1.80 ps3 after the first install the screen stays black, i had to reset my ps3 after that it plays fantastic, only i had to use the settings in the game to search servers in all regions.

  6. #76
    bakkenez Guest
    im from holland too.. But did you guys managed to get it to work under FW 1.80 by applying to the beta test or to install it via a proxy guide via your PC?

    Is it still possible to download this beta legally by applying to the Beta?

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    JohnTemse Guest
    Just use the [email protected] url to install the demo's/beta's/... on 1.80. It works

  8. #78
    doncorky Guest
    I think the beta is closed so you have to do it the naughty way, doesn't matter anyway cause it's a free version in the first place. lekker hoor.

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    bakkenez Guest
    But, how does that work with FW 1.80? Is it possible to install Warhawk on the newest firmware?

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    dukker Guest
    I installed it with the use of the ps3 proxy method, from my desktop it replaced the download from the ps3 using the folding at home link, my ps3 is firmware 1.80, i download it from usenet. to my pc and the proxy program relinked the file for folding at home... worked good.

    Quote Originally Posted by bakkenez View Post
    But, how does that work with FW 1.80? Is it possible to install Warhawk on the newest firmware?
    oeps! yes it works on firm 1.80, and no i am not a beta tester, its not necessary !

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