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Thread: Warhawk Beta Heads Up

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    DarkUSS Guest
    OK, that's cool I guess! Chances are that they improved the stability indeed.

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    MystikalGFX Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by DarkUSS View Post
    OK, that's cool I guess! Chances are that they improved the stability indeed.
    They did, a few posts ago someone noted all the changes. You must have missed them but stability was one of them.

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    jlorenzw Guest
    I cannot update, when the update is almost downloaded, i get an error message, "There was an error retreiving patch Files. Please try Again." Ive tried many times downloading it.

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    bambam50 Guest


    I think we have finally been banned. When I log on it says something about the authentication servers.

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    coheedcollapse Guest
    Nah, the servers were just mucked up or something. The same thing happened to me and when I finally logged in I was two ranks higher than when I logged out. Weird.

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    Zhar Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by coheedcollapse View Post
    @Zhar Chances are they won't do anything. Sony can't possibly ban/penalize users because they decided to distribute a beta game on an unsecured server and then require no authentication at all to log in. For all they know, those who used the proxy method had a friend in the beta that came over, downloaded the game, and installed it on their friend's console. There's literally no way to tell the difference.
    Ok, well thats good to know, just wanted to make shure I didn't do something I would seriously regret later

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    bape88 Guest
    Just updated and mine freeze 5 minutes after i've joined a game ... but could play for 2 hours after and no problem !

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    DarkUSS Guest
    I updated today. At last, I can enjoy Warhawk without worrying about the pesky freezing issues. I played for 3hours straight without a single hitch!

    Furthermore, the lagging issues I experienced are no more!

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    unw311 Guest

    PS3 Triangle Button

    Can anyone offer suggestions as to what might be going wrong, or perhaps an alternative method. I've followed Tardy's guide and thus far it will not download the beta for me, unless I am doing something wrong that I am not aware of.

    One thing I am not totally sure of is the IP address to enter into PS3 Proxy, I currently have my PC's IP address entered there, which is the only way anything works so I assume it must be correct. (the other proxy program that gives you the address automatically does not run for me, I get a winsock related error when trying to run it)

    PS3/PC connected to router via wired connection.
    PS3 proxy set to my PC IP
    PS3 can access the PS Store
    PC can access the internet.
    Firmware 1.8
    NTSC PS3 (Canada)

    Basically I've done everything the guide said, then when I go to the PS3 and begin the download of [email protected] it sits at "Please wait..." for several minutes before giving me an error (80710723). I think I must be doing something incorrectly. Everything seems to be setup right though because if I do not put any URLs in the 'replace files' it begins the [email protected] download immediately.

    Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks.

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    bakkenez Guest
    Finally the patch was also available for me last night. What are the changes?

    I downloaded the game via the [email protected] method with FW 1.8 and i can still connect and play all games after installing the patch.

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