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Thread: Warhawk Beta Heads Up

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    bakkenez Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by coheedcollapse View Post
    Try skipping that step altogether. I've heard of people getting hung up on that step and omitting it and it still ends up working fine. Just scroll all the way over to the point where you have to set the proxy server and do that step.

    Personally, instead of using [email protected] I downloaded a demo in the store that I didn't already have and set it to download in the background. That worked fine for me.
    What do you mean by skipping that step? Leave everything on default? My PC DNS Settings and my PS3 DNS? So they can access internet? I did the proxy thing but still i receive a DNS error on my PS3 when i open the playstation store.. I cant login my account! Neither my US and my Europe account...

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    DaveHavok Guest
    The Freezing Is Code Related. It Has Nothing To Do With Your Official/Unofficial Beta Tester Status. The Freeze Problem Has Been In Discussion In The Official Beta Test Forums Long Before The Unofficial Testers Proxy'd Into The Game.

    As For Patches And Account Bans... I Wouldn't Worry About That. The Developers Are Extremely Busy With Getting This Game Up And Going/Passing The Sony QAs/Development Schedules/Production Schedules/Etc. They Do Not Have The Time To Waste On Coding/Setup/Chasing Down Unofficial Testers Unless They Were Doing Something Destructive (Spamming, Network Attacks, Etc) At This Point In Time, Everyone Is Having Fun And Playing The Game... If Anything It's Putting Additional Load On The Servers, Which The Code Needs Anyways.

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    coheedcollapse Guest
    You speak truth my friend. Freeze problems have been an issue since the beginning and look to be more of a problem with the way that the game handles lag spikes (or maybe some code glitch - I haven't really figured it out myself yet I just know it happens). I assume that Sony really could care less about the unofficial beta problem because the amount of people that "snuck" their way into the beta are ridiculously minimal. Not a lot of people even know about the method and out of those who find out how to many don't want to spend the time to figure

    People who are spending their time collecting names and tattling on people need to lighten up and enjoy the game.

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    Piro786 Guest
    >_< i suck so bad at this game... but flying around super fast is fun!

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    DaveHavok Guest
    coheedcollapse - you right on about the minimal amount of people sneaking buddy! It's not like it was blasted on G4TV with a step by step on how to get in! This freeze issues reminds me of back in the day with the early Star Wars Galaxies beta testing I did (shudder)... I'm thinking it's how the system measures latency... notice how most of the servers are showing ping at 9999. oh well... fun to play, but I've got some other games to tie me over... got tired of rebooting the PS3.

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    krugar Guest
    has any1 able to sneak on with a US 1.51 ps3 as i have had no luck and would like to know what steps i need to do.


    P.S - nax whats ur setup

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    krugar Guest
    sniper - i tried that but I'm still unable to download and install warhawk.

    I am running simple DNS plus so i have to leave dns as manual in the settings. If not i can't get on the psn


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    bape88 Guest
    Thanx for the invites to join PS3News Clan ...

    I wonder if they will reset the ranking when the full version will hit retail ? Haven't seen any info on it ...

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    TaRDy Guest
    They always do, this ensures fair rankings for all consumers...

    It was seen with Battlefield Modern Combat Beta along with the Socom III beta.. just examples I saw first hand.

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    coheedcollapse Guest
    Yeah I was surprised to see how many people hoped that their home/warhawk stuff was going to stay after beta and that they'd get a bunch of free goodies from Sony. I've never been in a beta that didn't reset (and most of them I've been in reset multiple times - one for each beta stage.)

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