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Thread: Warhawk Beta Heads Up

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    coheedcollapse Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Desi View Post
    People may not know who to tattle on, but I'm pretty sure the people who sent out the invites for beta testing have a database record of those who have been accepted. The server they have setup for warhawk was setup to have a limited amount of people on there as testers rightfully. I think the freezing issue is related to the mixed number of people (testers vs. nontesters) who are clogging up the server. Could be wrong, though.
    I'm pretty close to positive that you're wrong about the freezing issue. My friends were on beta far before anyone knew that it'd work with the proxy and were having the same issues.

    It's less about a lot of people on the servers causing actual lag and more with the program on the PS3 not being able to handle lag or very quick disconnects.

    I'm pretty much latency/lag free until it freezes up (and that usually takes about 30 minutes as well).

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    Piro786 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by koncise View Post
    what exactly is the "[email protected] method" of installing the game? How is it different from the normal way of using a demo?

    Can someone answer that? Also when I try downloading it VIA PS3Proxy by 3R1C the program crashes and the download on the PS3 doesn't go past 0%...

    Thanks for the help!

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    sashimiboy Guest
    I hear only the official beta testers can download the patch files that have been released and there is also a list of the unofficial beta testers. You cannot play the beta anymore if you installed it via proxy.

    When you go to online mode it just gives you an error saying the patch files could not be downloaded and does a network cleanup afterwards.

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    coheedcollapse Guest
    Oh well, it was fun while it lasted! At least I know what I'm getting into when I actually buy it (which I will... the game is ridiculously fun and I look forward to attaining all of the medals/objectives).

    Ok, sorry for the doublepost but were you messing around sashimiboy? I got on and for some reason now I can join ranked games. Does that mean I've been accepted for the second part of the beta or something. Anyone know?

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    TaRDy Guest


    For those who are asking about the [email protected] Method:
    I forget where I saw this yesterday... but here is what I ended up doing...

    1. Download and Install PS3 Proxy Server
    If you don't know the IP to use for this then simply download PS3 Proxy and it will tell you the IP address to use and what port number.

    2. Run PS3 Proxy Server GUI

    3. Go to the replace files tab and on the left empty box paste the following (it is the URL to the [email protected] download)
    NTSC (US) [email protected]:
    PAL (EUR) [email protected]:
    ASIA (JAP) [email protected]:
    4. On the right empty box put in the URL to the pkg you want to download and install.

    5. Go back to proxy settings and ensure you have the proper settings filled out with PS3 mode checked off.

    6. Set your PS3 to connect via proxy to the IP address you were given, (i.e. port 8080)

    7. Once this is done Press start on the PS3 ProxyServer, it should now say "Stop" and yield no errors.

    8. Go to PS3 and begin to download and install what appears to be [email protected], however the size of the file will show that it is not really [email protected] (I BELIEVE).

    9. Let it download and install, then enjoy!

    NOTE: This was written based upon using a NTSC PS3 FW 1.8, if you have any modifications for your specific PS3 type and FW please let me know.

    I didn't find it as fun as I thought it was hyped up to be, but I did fun gettin my butt kicked in a dogfighting server (one game I ended -2)

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    Apr 2005
    Thanks for the Tutorial recap TaRDy... +100 credits and

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    bakkenez Guest
    Thank you very much for the tutorial.

    I did it exactly like you said, but when i open my Playstation Network Store on my Ps3 (FW 1.8) it gives a DNS error.. What should i fill in in the DNS of the PS3 and my PC hosting the proxy GUI?

    Right now i have filled in the PC IP address as DNS on the PS3 and i left my PC DNS address default (DHCP)

    What am i doing wrong? Thanks in advance for any tips!

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    coheedcollapse Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by bakkenez View Post
    What am i doing wrong? Thanks in advance for any tips!
    Try skipping that step altogether. I've heard of people getting hung up on that step and omitting it and it still ends up working fine. Just scroll all the way over to the point where you have to set the proxy server and do that step.

    Personally, instead of using [email protected] I downloaded a demo in the store that I didn't already have and set it to download in the background. That worked fine for me.

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    Piro786 Guest
    Thanks Tardy, that guide helped but for some people who imported their PS3s from Hong Kong the [email protected] address is different, like it was for mine.

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    MrXToTheN Guest
    my warhawk still works like a charm. No patches needed to play. And I don't get any patch messages.

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