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    DaveHavok Guest
    THANK YOU!!!! Yes Flow Is No Go :\ The Theme Music Is A Bit Of A Tease Tho...

    I Get Error 80029513
    I Would Hazard A Guess Meaning I Didn't Buy The Game.

    So... We Need To Figure Out How The Purchase Information Is Stored.

    My Guess:
    Seeing How They Had The Whole Japanese Tekken 5: DR Trading Ring Going On For Awhile Where People Would Sell Off Access To Their Accounts For Others To Log In And Download The Game Onto Their Own PS3s, However They Had To Keep The Account Of The Person They Downloaded Tekken 5: DR From Own Their System Or Else If They Deleted It, The Game Would No Longer Play.

    So I Would Image Some Soft Of FileWrapper Is Attached To A Game When You Buy It And Download It To YOUR PS3...Thus Tagging It To You (Similar To DRM...This Is Sony, Remember )

    So To Test This Theory...If Someone Downloads A Pay Game, Captures The Packet Information, And After The Download Is Complete, Share With That Packet Link To A Friend And Lend Them Their Account Login Info...(Remove Your Financial Info First Of Course)

    Another Idea Is If Purchase Info Is Some How Written Into The Header Of The PKG File....If We Can Find Where It's Stored And Patch It For Universal Play...

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    rawdog805 Guest
    anyone know the file structure for these demos and games?

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    Diverge Guest
    So far i've installed Flow, Gripshift, Blast Factor, and the Blast Factor Muliplayer. The only one the works is Gripshift. Flow tells me i need to upgrade my firmware (which i haven't) and Blast Factor tells me i don't have access on your current account.

    so the only one worth attempting to install atm is Gripshift.

    anyone have a qbert link?

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    Thumbs Up

    All Tutorials thus far are now updated in the Site News- Thanks guys... some really kick-ass Tuts!

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    DaveHavok Guest
    *Cash Guns Chaos DLX
    *Go! Sudoku Easy Pack
    *Go! Sudoku Mild Pack
    *Go! Sudoku Difficult Pack
    *Go! Sudoku Fiendish Pack
    *Tekken 5: Dark Ressurection (HK Store)

  6. #86
    Supreme3x Guest

    Thumbs Up Great Job

    Thanks for the great tutorials. Now to find out how to crack open these .pkg files.

    Keep up the good work

  7. #87
    hunter316 Guest
    sorry for the noob question, but i need to do the PS3 Firmware Version Check Bypassed trick first, in order to access the ps3 store, right? cause i have firmware 1.32.

    thanks in advance and awesome job on the tutorials guys!

  8. #88
    Diverge Guest
    this is for the folks who use simple DNS, and have a webserver setup, and that don't want to fuss with the chinese ps3.proxy.gui program.

    to make things easier if you already have a *.pkg file you want to install on your pc, you can do as follows. This only requires one known sony_store_demo download link. For my example i'll use the link to the Gripshift Demo (US version - works for me here in NY). Save the following code as Shiftgrip-Demo.bat:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    drop this batch file into the 'htdocs' folder of your webserver, along with a copy of the *.pkg file you want to use. execute the batch file (it will create the directory structure needed to download any *.pkg utilizing the Gripshift Demo download button from the sony store).

    things you need to make this work:
    A. simple DNS
    _____1. hit the records button
    _____2. tools button > quick domain wizard
    _____3. domain name = zeus.dl.playstation.net
    _____4. web server ip = <the ip of your webserver>
    _____5. clear out secondary DNS server
    _____6. hit okay.
    B. webserver (i use abyss web server)

    (note: always use a copy of the *.pkg file when using this batch file, since when ran again, it will delete the one it processed last)

    Edit: you can use any *.pkg of any game you want to install, even though you are installing it via the sony store Shiftgrip Demo download button.

  9. #89
    DaveHavok Guest
    Just Confirmed Go Sudoku Easy Pack Also! Works

  10. #90
    Poraemon Guest
    I can't install PS3 Proxy Server. When I install it, it has a popup about .Net Framework1.1.4322, then click Y it go to MS download page. I have download both SDK and Redistributable Package (both X86version I dont know the difference of X64version). PS3 Proxy Server still popup the same thing. So what is the exactly .Net Framework that i have to install?

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