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    Feb 2007
    How do you get them from your PC to the PS3 ?

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    Yes... I've downloaded Flow, Blast Factor, And Grip Shift... just need to get the PKG Files Transferred Over My Network To The PS3 To Install Them.

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    Feb 2007
    cant get ps3 connected through proxy (connection failed)
    works ok without proxy w/ wireless connection
    my guess is ps3.proxyServer.gui aint configured right

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    Feb 2007
    never mind my previous question about finding links. i found out how it's nothing special, and i'm sure whoever found the other links used a similar method (using ethereal or other network traffic capturing tool).

    ----- was in the process of typing the above----

    but i got my ps3 to download the full version of blast factor from my pc

    it's in the process of downloading.. will report back if it plays

    btw, did it all using Etereal to capture links, then replicated them on my webserver, and redirected the downloads from the sony store w/ simple dns!

    edit: went to play the full version and got an error: This content can not be played on your account. :'( (not sure if it knows i didn't buy it, or it doesn't like my firmware version v1.32)

    at least i figured out how to download games from pc to ps3
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    Hey Diverge... did you phish for the links via your PC and logging into the Sony Store on you PC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveHavok View Post
    Hey Diverge...did you phish for the links via your PC and logging into the Sony Store on you PC?
    yeah, in order to find the link you need to put another entry into simpleDNS, so it redirects the attempted downloads to your pc.. then have Ethereal on your pc and start the caputure just before you hit the download on the ps3. stop the capture, and you'll find the packet with the download link.. then create that file structure on your webserver, and drop your file in that folder (with the correct file name the link looks for). then bam... it will download.

    here is a picture of what the packet looks like attached.

    i'll try to make a guide when i get a chance, if i am not explaining this clear.. off to attempt to install shiftgrip.. since that supposedly will run.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rbranma View Post
    PS3game.iso LOADER

    1. Find out the file structure of *PKG' files.
    2. Convert a game ISO into *PKG format (its zipped btw)
    3. Then copy that "iso.pkg" with chuanwc's method to your PS3
    4. Play
    interesting indeed... :??

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    wow! ok that makes sense. I'll keep an eye for your guide whenever you drop one. Thanks for the info!

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    yeah, waiting on a tutorial that will show what to do with the PKG files for flOw and BlastFactor i just downloaded.... and if they work! thanks in advance, you all are doing a great job!!!

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    Feb 2007
    proxy is working now, well im able to go online but when i try downloading anything (trailers, demos) from the store i get "an error occurred during the download operation". guess i'll wait for a tutorial


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