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Thread: View PlayStation 3 Store on your PC!

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    TuRDMaN Guest
    I'm just waiting for a tutorial, or at least a translation of the options/settings in the PS3 Proxy Server program. I'm sure something will show up soon

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    hameda Guest
    hey guys,

    I seem to be unable to run this along side the firmware bypass. Is that normal. If not, how did you get around it?

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    CJPC Guest
    Well, if anyones interested, it can be done alone with just ettercap and a webserver (or even simpledns), only issue is that you need to recreate the folder structure in its entirety, at least its in English

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    NDT Guest
    Tekken DR and Blast Factor link please?

    The BF links above doesn't work!

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    rbranma Guest
    PS3game.iso LOADER

    1. Find out the file structure of *PKG' files.
    2. Convert a game ISO into *PKG format (its zipped btw)
    3. Then copy that "iso.pkg" with chuanwc's method to your PS3
    4. Play

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    mfegy Guest
    Lemmings link anyone ?

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    NDT Guest
    the bought game cannot yet be played on a ps3 that didn't purchased the game!

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    ps2asker Guest
    At least gripshift works

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    Diverge Guest
    Does anyone care to explain how they go about getting the download links?

    I'm just curious how this is done. I attempted to try to find some using Ethereal on the PC that hosts my DNS and web servers. my theory was since all traffic requests goes to my dns server, since it the ps3's dns entry points to my dns server, that i might be able to find the download link this way.

    So I logged into the sony store, went to the download i wanted to find a link to. setup a capture, then clicked the link.. waited a min or too stopped capture.. then aborted download. checked capture data.... but i am not sure what i am looking for is in there.

    any suggestions?

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    DaveHavok Guest
    I'm still lost on how to transfer the files to the PS3 From The PC Using That PS3 ProxyServer GUI. Anyone Have A Guide Yet?

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