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Thread: View PlayStation 3 Store on your PC!

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    alienware1 Guest
    Old game Lemmings and Suber a dub this working activation. New game all elso game this not working activation

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    gb12 Guest
    Broilereule: What is the tutorial?

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    nanop Guest

    plz help me on this. I can't get the ps3 proxy program on computer to register the link. I'm currently trying to download lemmings.


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    Broilereule Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by gb12 View Post
    Broilereule: What is the tutorial?
    The [email protected] method! (tutorial in this thread) EUR versions of the games! Super ruba Dub, Gribshift und Lemmings work fine!

    Good Luck

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    gb12 Guest
    Thanks, I will try, then I say anything.

    Thanks a Lot man.

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    pablo Guest
    Hi guys, the ps3proxy method was working for me but suddenly I get this error trying to connect to the psn

    "An error has occurred. You have been signed out of PLAYSTATION Network (8071053D)"

    Any ideas how to fix this?

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    demolition07 Guest

    when i try to install gripshift everything was right until i got this error (8002AE22) ..after 100% and installing

    i used fah and i have a HK ps3 with firmware 2.01

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    SKFU Guest
    the newer firmwares sometimes have problems with this, u can only try it again and again.

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