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Thread: View PlayStation 3 Store on your PC!

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    Specialk2k Guest
    Now that the PS3 Home link is up could someone from the US try and install it. I guess the person who tried it used a PAL PS3 to run it and it did not work. Hopefully it doesn't need an activation link and will work if downloaded on to a US PS3. I'd try it myself but I let a friend borrow my PS3 for a week as I finish school.

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    robertr728 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Cranberry View Post
    I know one thing. That proxy server file messed up my ps3, don't know why, but I'm not getting a connection anymore. Thanks a lot, now I can format my ps3, thats great...
    proxy server has nothing to do with your ps3 and is not installed on it in any way. you shouldnt be so quick to jump to conclusions and think before you type.

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    Mika Mo 25 Guest
    Why do I get Copyright errors on the downloadable games like Lemmings, Flow and Q Bert?

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    manchesteruk Guest
    yeh i got copyright error on calling all cars, but it doesn't say anything in the links section about it not working.

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    edpsx Guest
    Just an FYI.. warhawk beta works fine downloading a demo from the store. downloads, installs everything in the correct area just fine. Im running 1.8 firmware as well. Im gonna try the home beta tonight and see what it gives me. When I tried the [email protected] link it just sat on downloading and never went anywhere.

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    bambam50 Guest
    Hey edpsx, can you add me to your friends list on the psn. my id is BamBam50. I'm having trouble with this. Maybe you can help me out. Thanks

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    obiloww Guest
    what i found to work is just 4 games out of the whole lot in euro store. all full versions- lemmings, go sudoku, gripshift and run a dub. what i did is to delete the previous saves of all games, then install startpacks first for each game that need it. then u install the game demo, that way it becomes full version.

    i hope it helps.

    Davehavock, i question 4 u. if i download the ps1 games fom the HK store and do my thing using proxy, will the games actually work? have any worked for u?

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    non3d Guest
    hey, what about game patches? it is possible to download it the same way (from PC)? for examle, R:FOM (PAL).


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    Mika Mo 25 Guest
    Ya tell me if Home works because I tried it and it didn't work for me but I might have done it wrong, thanks.

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    jevahose Guest
    I'm on US 1.8 firmware, so using the [email protected] method (with PS3 Proxy Server GUI) I was able to successfully download and install Home but of course it didn't work when trying to run - it threw this error:
    "The copyright protection information is invalid.

    I read that this file is encrypted differently then other files, so its probably not a matter of activation. I hope someone figures it out soon enough! Same with T: DR

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