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    Activating still works through 1.70 and folding @home? Anyone can confirm this? Cos i tried to activate my rub a dub and lemmings starter pack but i couldnt... anyone can help? thanx

    anyone can confirm that activating through folding@home still works in 1.70? Cos i tried to activate my lemmings and rub a dub starter pack but i couldnt get them work thanx

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    Quote Originally Posted by butnoeliscool View Post
    where do you get the folding @ home link at? i can't find it =(
    Same place you would find all other links:

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    How To Activate Super Rub A Dub: Just Install The Start Pack First By Using The Folding@Home Link On THe Main XMB Menu So That Way The Game Gets Placed Into The Right Spot. If You Down Background Downloading It Will Place The Game Into The PHOTO Area Of The XMB Menu. If You Just Use A Freebie Demo Link From The Store, Then It Will Error Out On The Game Install After It Downloads. So If You're Using FW 1.70 You Must Install The Game Using The Folding At Home Link:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    After You Click On The Folding@Home Icon On The XMB, The Game Will Download And Install Instead Of The Folding@Home Program... Yes It Looks Like You're Downloading Folding@Home, But You're Really Downloading The Game You Selected.

    Use The Same Trick To Install The Activation 133k Packet After You Install The Starter Pack.

    As For Installing Lemmings... Same Method, BUT You Must Create A Second Accound On Your PS3 That Is A Euro Account... Say From London. Then Install Lemmings Just Like Super Rub A Dub. If You Delete This Account...The Game Will Stop Working.

    I've Created 3 Master Accounts. A US Account, A Euro Account, And A Hong Kong Account. Thus I Can Access Content From All The Stores (The HK Store Has Some Bad Ass PSP/PS1 Titles To Download!)

    Good Luck!

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    @DaveHavok i did just what u said with rub a dub.. i downloaded the starter pack from euro uk store and install it through folding@home... Then i downloaded the 100kb activation i took from the forum and using folding@home i installed it. I got no error... the activation installed properly through folding@home... But when i tried to start rub a dub i got into the game but i couldnt use the 2p, 3p, 4p options and i get only the 5 stages just like demo... i couldnt see anywhere if activation made something actually... :??

    thanx for u help anyway... if u know something it could help me with this plz let me know... thanx again

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    Someone find the link for HOME and we'll be set!!!

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    I'm Using FW 1.51 with fw check bypass trick for accessing store! I don't have any problem with Rub a Dub & activation... and it works perfectly! (full version!) BUT i can't activate lemmings! whatever i do, it's still trial version! I try UK acount, but same result! what should i do? can someone explain me what exactly should i do for full version of lemmings? thanx!

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    sonystyle... How To Activate Lemmings:

    1) Create A Master Account Thats From The UK... Sounds Like You Have That Done Already.

    2) Make Sure You UNINSTALL ALL LEMMINGS DEMOS FIRST!!! This Is Critical.. .Euro, Asian, US... Remove Them All! I Think It's Triangle When Highlighting The Game Your On... Select Uninstall.

    3) Log On As The UK Euro Account And Download Lemmings From The Store Directly... I Didn't Do The Proxy Server For This... I Just Snagged It From The Euro Store And Let It Install.

    4) After The Install... Run Your Proxy Server Now... And Install The Lemmings Activation File By Using Fold@Home Link From The XMB... Just Like You Did With Super Rub A Dub.

    5) Game Should Now Be Fully Activated.

    Good Luck...

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    same for me, I got rub a dub working using the proxy for both pack and activation and it worked... tried that with lemmings and I got the standard "can't use with this account" error.. deleted and downloaded from the uk store (this was all done on uk account) and installed then proxy server for activation file.. this time lemmings runs but is not full. I also noticed a activate system link under the last menu item in XMB?

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    I know one thing. That proxy server file messed up my ps3, don't know why, but I'm not getting a connection anymore. Thanks a lot, now I can format my ps3, thats great...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cranberry View Post
    I know one thing. That proxy server file messed up my ps3, don't know why, but I'm not getting a connection anymore. Thanks a lot, now I can format my ps3, thats great...
    shouldn't have been such a problem. just edit your PS3 network connection using the easy option instead of custom. it should reset the settings for you.

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