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Thread: View PlayStation 3 Store on your PC!

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    oohweeitsjan Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by TheDon View Post
    Def Jam Icon Link plz

    i want to try it out before BUY!
    dont buy it, game sucks a lot. im trying to get rid of my copy.

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    lakis Guest

    moving to greece with a US PS3


    I am living in the US and I'll be moving to Greece this summer. I have a US PS3 and I am thinking of
    getting me with me.

    I am wondering if anyone owns a US PS3 in Europe. I understand that a US PS3 cannot play DVD or BDs from Europe region. What about games? And what about online gaming?

    And most importantly what about the PS3 store? Can I buy games of the UK store or whatever?

    Can I register my US PS3 to the European Store?


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    silverjax Guest
    Is PlaystationStore actually updating? Because i see a lot of links on this forum while i cant see it on my own PsStore :S

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    eternal Guest
    Anyone got the link for fl0w UK store version? Does it work like Gripshift on 1.50

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    OnlineBug Guest
    I have a Euro PS3 ver 1.60... Gripshift is WORKING!

    Flow isn't working
    Blastfactor isn't working

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    theakseffect Guest

    Downloadable PS3 games that work..

    Downloadable games I've got working on my European (Dutch to be exact) PS3 with firmware 1.60 so far:

    Full Games (US store):
    Go! Soduko

    Demo's (US store):
    Full Auto 2 Battlelines

    Demo's (Japan store):
    Everybody's Golf 5 Trial

    Just to be clear: I've left Game (demo's) which I downloaded off the European store out and I haven't paid for any of the games I downloaded.

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    DaveHavok Guest
    Does Anyone Have The Links For The Extra Ridge Racer 7 Content From The Hong Kong Store?


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    jabski Guest
    do i need fw 1.50 to proxyserver ?

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    wardies Guest
    Hi guys,

    i have Euro 1.60 and i want to download gripshift. i set the ps3.proxyserver.gui like this:

    us version -> \lists\ps3-updatelist.txt
    and lemmings -> \demos\gripshift.pkg
    so when i donwoad lemings demo, actually i am downloading gripshift from my computer, but when it reach 100 % pops a message saying "cant install" or something like that, what i am doing wrong?

    PD: sorrry for my poor english

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    robertr728 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by jabski View Post
    do i need fw 1.50 to proxyserver ?
    if you want it to work, yes.

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