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Thread: View PlayStation 3 Store on your PC!

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    nightwish Guest
    Here is the european firmware check URL:

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    eternal Guest
    What do we do with this nightwish?

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    mestereo Guest
    Hey check this out
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    Quote Originally Posted by eternal View Post
    What do we do with this nightwish?
    That is just the link to watch for the latest PS3 EUR FW Updates... the "Official PS3 Updater" USA one is linked @ and maybe I will have the guys add that one soon too.

    Within those links, is the download link for the latest .PUP file right from $ony's servers.

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    Opal Guest
    Using that PS3.ProxyServer.GUI is great, but all http requests from the PS3 stop there for me. Is there some sort of wildcard that says unless otherwise stated just carry on to the url in question?

    I say this because web browsing and general downloading of demos and crap from the store will not work. The proxy catches the request and does nothing with it.


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    federicobj Guest
    hi, i use the ps3 proxy server method, and when i go to system update the message says "you have the latest firmware version", so the firmware bypass check it works ok, bot when i try to conect to the ps3 store it gives me an error message, im using a US ps3 whit firmware 1,32, any ideas of whats going on??

    PD sorry for my english

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    RKeano Guest
    ive downloaden all the PKG files, how do i get them on my ps3?


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    breakheart Guest
    Hello, there is some form to happen we give them of the PC to the PS3 without having connection to Internet? I have dowloaded all the PKG files in my PC. Greetings

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    Dreamkin Guest

    How Does The Store Exactly Work?

    I have a few questions regarding it... First of all how does the machine know which store to access?

    1) Is it selectable(and/or editable) at account creation ?

    2) Does the machine connect to the store according to its own Region. (e.g. Japanese console trying to connect to Japanese Store regardless of where in the world or with what kind of account you run it...

    3) Does the machine work it out looking at your IP? (e.g. American PS3 connecting automatically to UK store when it's run in England)

    My second questions is about the method of purchase. Does the store check the region of the credit card you use? If I buy an American console, will I be able to buy stuff from its store in UK using a UK credit card.

    If not, how does it check the credit card region? Is it possible to give a fake billing address to purchase stuff anyway? (e.g. The XBOX 360's store only checks the Postal Code on the billing address. Currently you can select UK as a region and enter your -let's say- Azerbaijani Credit card data with a UK postal code and buy anything you want. Is this possible with PS3?)

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    Calimero Oeuf Guest
    it doesn't work for me

    il says after login and password :

    Une erreur inattendue est survenue.

    Veuillez réessayer.

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