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  1. #311
    eternal Guest
    Any links or how to's for the UK store?

  2. #312
    PS3ua Guest
    GT HD v2.0 from rus store

  3. #313
    silverjax Guest
    Good evening, i just got a Europe PS3 (1.5)... wanted to try the pkg-files but everytime i press PlayStation Store, my ps3 gives me a error and ask me to update! Plus, how can i make a account for PlayStation Store?


  4. #314
    qtx999 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by bobino View Post
    Ty digitalfx. Well I bought the hk version of the game so im going to dl this pkg, uninstall the hk version off my ps3 and then use the method to install the us version. ill tell u how it works after i try
    did this work? was exactly my thinking...

  5. #315
    eternal Guest
    How do we get the links for the UK/EUR store games?

  6. #316
    profycy2k Guest
    just a quick question,

    is there any need in doing this if you have done the firmware bypass trick and can download content off the ps network with old firmware (1.5), and or is this a way to get payed games (tekken) for free etc?


  7. #317
    Hawaiiff Guest
    I have a version 1.1 and tried a while back but it would not work. Have this been fixed? Thanks.

  8. #318
    profycy2k Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by GeKKoXP View Post
    Seems like Gripshift doesn't work on EU 1.6 PS3s...

    With this Method you can download demos and full games (just gripshift/sudoku easy package working) from the pc to your ps3.
    alright thanks, gave u a donation

  9. #319
    sergio18 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ps2asker View Post
    I made a list of most of the stuff in the US Store except most of the pay stuff...
    Excuse me... If I download, as an example "Lemmings", how I can put it on mine PS3 PAL?

  10. #320
    profycy2k Guest
    ima wait until someone can crack the ssl encryption beofre setting up the proxy, but u guys are on a roll with hackin tha ps3, all we need is an iso/pkg loader!

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