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    CrashCore Guest
    Ok, sorry I forgot to ask which region you were in. Your update file will be at:


    and put in it

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Otherwise you can check with PS3.ProxyServer.GUI by clearing "*.PKG*" from the box, then try to access the Playstation Network on your PS3. It will then give you the updatelist URL for your region.

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    CrashCore Guest
    Are you using PS3.ProxyServer.GUI, the original? It doesn't matter if you have the English or Chinese version, but you can't be using PS3 Proxy by 3r1c.

    If you are using PS3.ProxyServer.GUI, in the first tab, check PS3, make sure you fill in the IP field with the IP address of the PC you're using, and click the button. Now go to the second tab and clear *.pkg* so the field is empty.

    On your PS3, set up your network connection. Pick custom for the first prompt, then auto for everything else, except enable proxy and set it to the IP of your PC. Now try to log into the PSN.

    Go back to your PC and check the second tab, and it should give you a link to the file it's checking for firmware. Copy this URL, hit the button in the third tab, and paste the link on the left side. On the right side, hit the "." button and browse for the update file that you have on your computer.

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    Desi Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by NDT View Post
    Yes, i'm sure, i have the fw 1.32 - If others ppl cannot read the threads it's not an issue of mine. i ACTUALLY use this setting SUCCESFULLY
    This setup is great actually. I was successfully able to login with this method. Just be sure to forward your country's appropriate servers. And replace the Urls of this with the ps33udates-list.txt on your HDD.US:


    Just a word of advice: Follow this and follow the guide for the Ps3 Proxy Server gui, and you should be all set.

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    scrapdoggzilla Guest
    still working as of 4:15 pm cst with 31rc's tool and posadis server. firmware 1.51 installed on 60gb ps3.

    wireless connection d-link di-624 router.

    seeing if gripshift still works now.

  5. #235
    FlipFlop425 Guest
    I still cannot get this to work. Always says unexpected error when I try to log in.

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    CrashCore Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Desi View Post
    This setup is great actually. I was successfully able to login with this method.
    I can't test it personally, as I have 1.51, but the word is that the update bypass method only works on 1.50 and higher now. However, like I said, that's just what peope have said and I have no way of confirming that. All I know is that it works on 1.51. Over and out.

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    rainraindown Guest
    has anyone tried using this method to install the tekken that just went up on the US store?

  8. #238
    CrashCore Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by rainraindown View Post
    has anyone tried using this method to install the tekken that just went up on the US store?
    We would need someone to sniff the link for us first. Someone... anyone?

    However, Sony knew about this method before they released it, so it's pretty obvious that they made sure it didn't work before they released it. We'd all still appreciate the link though

  9. #239
    funnydoodle Guest
    oh yeah! remove the *.pkg* !! why i never thought of that?!

  10. #240
    CrashCore Guest

    Does that mean you got it to work?

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