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    yeah the same for me diverge

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    I added that PS3 ProxyServer Installer app to the post above... it's non-English though, so don't be suprised if it's difficult to figure out without a picture-based Tutorial. My guess is you can do the same thing with what's detailed in the first few posts of this thread using browser plug-ins/add-ons.

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    cool, thanks. i was just going crazy trying to find this on the net after it was removed. more stuff to play with, hehe. but i guess you can do the same thing with more dns entries in our dns servers. rerouting the ps3's request for a particular demo to our local webserver, then just drop the *.pkg in the correct folder path on the local webserver, according to the links below.

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    hey, sorry if this is kind of noobish, but i messed up my browser by doing this, how do i change it back? thx!

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    hey diverge do you think you make a better step by step tutorial as i can't understand this. thanks. ps no offense to chuanwc.

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    i haven't really tried this yet, but basically all that utility is doing it intercepting the request to sony's servers and redirecting it to your own. at least from what i gather.

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    I just tried going to the 2 posted URLs using the 2nd UserAgent. Both URLs load fine. Use Firefox and User Agent Switcher plugin.

    That's the most I can test. No PS3. But accessing the Wii Shop via PC was found out a couple days after launch :-P

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    i cant get this to work, but once i do what i think is right while the ps3 proxy.exe is open it says i need to system update but when it is closed there is an internet connection error. weird :?? but anyway i'll keep trying until someone posts a better step by step tutorial.

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    This looks good but i am a noob and dont understand any of that, i am downloading GTHD now is there any way i can put this on a memory stick then copy it to hard drive ?

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    I can get to the store, but I can't log in like everyone else... So how does one log in?

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