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  1. #131
    mfegy Guest
    Has nobody got any PSP game links yet ?

    I would get some myself but im from the UK and cant download any as I need a US bank card

  2. #132
    mfegy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by GeKKoXP View Post
    Why don't you convert your own Games for PSP? You don't need to download them in the store.
    Would it not be easier just to get them from the PS3 store ?

  3. #133
    sniperk Guest

    Thumbs Down Tekken 5 Korean

    Quote Originally Posted by Joec03 View Post
    Lemmings: http://zeus.dl.playstation.net/cdn/U...084&country=us

    Tekken 5 Korean: http://zeus.dl.playstation.net/cdn/J...084&country=hk

    Tekken doesn't work it says access restricted or whatever. I remember they added that check after people were downloading it from the US. The one on my hard drive still works though without that check. Not sure if lemmings works. ENJOY
    Just finished installing Tekken 5 Korean on Firmaware v1.10 trying to play the game and getting the same error has lemmings, An error occured during the start operation (80029513).

  4. #134
    pagodaok Guest


    Confirmed, lemmings not working, says you can not access this content with your account.

  5. #135
    qtx999 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by chuanwc View Post
    was this for the custom addon? it was 500mb+


  6. #136
    mfegy Guest
    Just a thought... Download the Lemmings Demo and the Full game and compare them to see what is missing to make it run ?

    Not sure if there will be anything intresting there but was just a thought :??

  7. #137
    mfegy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by GeKKoXP View Post
    The game looks for a file on the HDD which is created when you buy the game. If you change anything in the .pkg file it wont start again (like on psp).
    Well then the only way to get the Links to the full games is if people have bought them so can they not share the file that is created on the HDD as well ?

  8. #138
    kidling Guest
    anyone can check if the ps store download a little file before the pkg file of a pay download?

  9. #139
    residentour Guest
    What happens if we write the full game links with the PS3 net browser?

  10. #140
    ps2asker Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by residentour View Post
    What happens if we write the full game links with the PS3 net browser?
    It will ask you where to save the file... You can only save it on an external hdd/duo card etc.

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