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Thread: View PlayStation 3 Store on your PC!

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ps2asker View Post
    I did a test yesterday, I backed up the data on the ps3 with the "Backup function", restored the system, and restored the data. Now flOw (which I paid for) gave me the same error as Blast Factor (which I did not pay for): it said that it could not be accessed on my account.

    Today I went to download flOw from a real link to get a working copy, and just before the download started I noticed it said "Activating" for a second or two. The it started the dl as usual but I cancelled it after 1%, went back to the XMB, and flOw worked just fine

    So just before it starts do download it activates something, and stores it on the hdd but won't back it up.
    I wonder if its stored in part of a flash memory, or it was just programmed to be left out when backed up

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    ps2asker Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by chuanwc View Post
    on your pc with PS3 ProxyServer ~on the tab2 pls remove *.pkg* in the box ~after that the big box below will show you all the urls u have visisted~ may be we can find out which link lead the 'Activating'
    Tried that, still only shows pkg links.

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    ps2asker Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ps2coolguy View Post
    tekken 5 links anybody? BTW how are you guys getting the links to the games?
    It shows up in the Proxy program when you press the download link on the ps3.

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    ps2asker Guest
    So, anyone here live in Japan/Hong Kong and can try the tekken link?

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    matthijsfoekema Guest

    Downgrading by redirect?!

    Sow is it possible to redirect the following url with SimpleDNS to an home brew firmware or let's say 1.10 by doing the same trick as you did for the download files..?



    Now you will say, but you can also update with memorystick and such, yes that's true, but i've $ony has made the mistake to not check there own firmware by INTERNET, then maybe whe can downgrade..?!

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    residentour Guest
    Does Tekken 5 works if we download with this tutorial?

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    Faygo Guest
    Ok Chuan i got your method to work finally. Heres the us link for the ps3-updatelist.txt

    I just had to delete the .pkg first in the ps3 gui to get the us link. So anyone who needs to bypass the firmware check to do this trick check out Chuan's post on page 10 at the top.

    Thanks alot man.

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    PS2 Devil 123 Guest
    Um I have a bit of a problem here. I have firmware 1.51 on my ps3 and im trying to install full auto 2 demo through my pc. I followed the 1.1 guide perfectly and it even got me into ps store. However If i try to dl any demo whatsoever It won't give me the prompt to allow me to dl it. Now if i go to the settings and get rid of the proxy server use i can dl demos from ps store fine again but then obviously i can't transfer from my pc. What is the problem or has sony somehow fixed this hole?

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    bigdaddie Guest

    downloading ps3 demo

    i'm using a really easy way to download those ps3 demo´s or firmware (thanx for those url's btw). But what can i do with that .pkg file when it's on my pc :??

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    sniperk Guest

    Thumbs Down Lemmings not working for me

    I have v1.10 just install Lemmings, go to run the game and it's telling me An error occurred during the start operation (80029513), is this normal or what, do I need to update the firmware no make it work?


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