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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by dimmujed View Post
    since i bought the sudoku easy pack, i think you guys owe it to me for my tutorial and the easy pack to buy the other packs with the links lol. just kidding, but come on lol.
    I gave you a bunch of Thumbs Ups and some credits here if that eases the pain a bit.

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    rouni86 Guest
    I am trying to fallow Playstation 3 Proxyserver Tutorial For Installing Games Via PC version 1.1 By DimmuJed i get to the part where i have to to the playstation store and wait for the demo to go to 1% but i can not find the link under the second tab in proxyserver once it goes to 1% i also have simple DNS running

    edit: i have another question do i have to download the demo to my pc then to the ps3 or can i just use the bypass method becaus my download is now at 2% or will it just not work

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    Supreme3x Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Poraemon View Post
    I can't install PS3 Proxy Server. When I install it, it has a popup about .Net Framework1.1.4322, then click Y it go to MS download page. I have download both SDK and Redistributable Package (both X86version I dont know the difference of X64version). PS3 Proxy Server still popup the same thing. So what is the exactly .Net Framework that i have to install?
    I had the same problem on my laptop running Windows Vista Ultimate. I couldn't get it to run so i just installed it on another PC running Windows XP and it installed and worked fine.

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    p1aystati0n Guest
    Thanks for the excellent Proxyserver tut, DimmuJed.

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    rouni86 Guest
    DimmuJed thank you for the app. I think i know what I did wrong. am i supposed to change the proxy setting in the ps3 to my pc ip address and 8080 or should I not use it?

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    oohweeitsjan Guest
    i also cant get this to install

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    oohweeitsjan Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by oohweeitsjan View Post
    i also cant get this to install
    im talking about the PS3 ProxyServer. i click the Y button then i downoad the dot net framework 2.0 and it still doesnt work

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    Supreme3x Guest
    oohweeitsjan - Are you using Windows XP? also after downloading it, does the dot net framework 2.0 install with no problem?

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    Faygo Guest
    Just intsall the .net 1.1 framework and it should work. I know what your thinking, but i have 2.0 installed and it should work. Well I had 2.0 installed to and couldn't get it install so I said screw it and downloaded 1.1 again and installed. Well I then was able to install the ps3 gui program for some reason.

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    oohweeitsjan Guest
    ok, i got it to work after installing the dot network 1.1 package.

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