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    Videos: The Studio Update - New Static & Dynamic PS3 Themes

    Sony European Product Manager Adam Grant has shared some fresh video demos today showcasing new Static and Dynamic PS3 Themes below as part of The Studio update.

    To quote: The Studio brings to PlayStation a collection of Static and Dynamic Themes for PS3 and PSP from some of the world's greatest artists to create one of the best showcases of digital art anywhere in the world and they are all available for you to download.

    We have partnered with Studio Output, one of the world's most tuned-in creative design and production companies, to help us curate The Studio collection and ensure only the finest offerings in everything from urban street art to illustration are included.

    Here is an update of the latest Themes from The Studio that on the PlayStation Store.

    Finnish born Kustaa Saksi started the month with 'The Outer Woods', a syrupy, psychedelic vision that draws on both organic and digital worlds for inspiration. Having worked across fashion, entertainment and music, Kustaa's wide diversity of clients and interests are all represented in this strangely captivating theme, with its creepy characters and surrealist landscape.

    Joining Kustaa in this first November release was Studio Output with Totem. Towering, turning totems loom in the background of this theme, which like an eternal game of consequences, throws strange together characters, shapes and colours creating something the like of which has never been seen behind an XMB before!

    Next up, The Studio welcomes the mighty Luke Insect. Luke's neo-psychadelic illustrations have donned many a record sleeve, magazine cover and advertising billboard (fans of The Prodigy will know his work well) but never before have they been transported into the world of animation.

    Using his trademark eye-scorching colour schemes and out-of-this-world imagery, 'Collide o' Scope' transports you from the comfort of your living room into a time tunnel of other-worldly lights, colours and patterns.

    And lastly but by no means least, we wrap up November with 'Amphenge' by Michael Gillette. A man who needs no introduction, Swansea-born, San Fran resident Gillette has been creating iconic, pop-art inspired art since the early 1990s - including the iconic 'To The 5 Boroughs' sleeve for the Beastie Boys and the cover art for the reissues of the complete James Bond collection of books. Instinctively threaded with a British mod aesthetic and inspired by his musical heroes, the same influences can be seen in this new piece for PlayStation. 'Amphenge' a mystical place hewn out of Solid ROCK, Rolled by ancient roadies and turned way up to Eleven. Gillette also claims repeated visits to Amphenge can supernaturally improve your gaming scores. What's not to lose!

    In case you are new to The Studio or missed the latest releases here is a quick video showcasing the Themes from cutting edge graphic and digital artists, illustrators and graphic designers around the world that have released onto The Studio over the last few weeks.

    In a world where art and gaming continue to converge, the digital creations on offer at The Studio are the ultimate design accessories allowing you to turn your PS3 or PSP into a personalised digital gallery.. Available to download from just €0.99 to €2.99* each, you can choose from a wide range of Static and Dynamic themes for the XMB.

    For all the latest on the gallery, don't forget to check eu.playstation.com/thestudio and PlayStation.Blog at blog.eu.playstation.com or find out more, 'Like' at http://www.facebook.com/SOTheStudio.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    lindwurm Guest
    I wish they make dynamic azmodeus dark angel

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    TwistedJay Guest

    Dynamic Themes

    Here are some to start you guys off.


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