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    Videos: Spooky PS3 Halloween Themes from The Studio Demos

    Sony PS Vita European Product Manager Adam Grant has shared some video demos today of spooky PS3 Halloween themes from The Studio below.

    To quote: Here is an update of the latest Themes from The Studio that were released this week on the PlayStation Store.

    The Studio brings to PlayStation a collection of Static and Dynamic Themes for PS3 and PSP from some of the world's greatest artists to create one of the best showcases of digital art anywhere in the world and they are all available for you to download.

    We have partnered with Studio Output, one of the world's most tuned-in creative design and production companies, to help us curate The Studio collection and ensure only the finest offerings in everything from urban street art to illustration are included.

    To get you in the mood before Halloween next week, this week's release celebrates all things dark and creepy, with wondering zombies, looming monster heads and eerie ghouls ready to haunt your XMB.

    Zombies in the City is a Dynamic Theme by KOA. Behind the name KOA hides Olivier Cramm, an illustrator drawing incessantly, feeding on ink, paint and of course the Japanese food that he loves to cook.

    Sometimes juggling with references such as Durer and Bosch, sometimes using the very bright colours of 70s comic books, Oliver has created his universe - sultry, poetic, funny and strange. His forthcoming book Sang Noir should be released later this year.

    Up next is The Riotus Rumpus Dynamic Theme by Gary Card, a shifting psychedelic world of strange floating heads. Having studied theatre design at Central St Martins, Gary has gone on to work as an illustrator, graphic designer, comic artist, costume, set and props designer.

    Ranging from his cartoon and videogame inspired dayglo graphics for Cassette Playa, to the darker and more surreal-landscapes and characters in his work with Jacob Sutton, London-based Card draws his inspiration from a range of sources including Ren & Stimpy, Swamp Thing and the work of artists Hans Bellmer, Paul McCarthy and Gottfried Helnwin, record covers and cereal boxes. Gary's work has appeared in POP, Another Man, Dazed & Confused, V Man and iD. His installations have also appeared in Dover Street Market, Liberty and Uniqlo.

    Skeletons are the inspiration for our next theme by Jules Julien. Entitled Play or Die, this collection of statics showcase Jules unique style and are perfect for this Halloween release. Jules Julien is a French illustrator. After studying art in Toulouse, he worked for 10 years as an artistic director. Now he's working in France, United States and Japan.

    You've seen Hydro 74 before, now he is back with another set of intricate static backgrounds in this new collection Skulls. Hydro74 is an Orlando-based designer, otherwise known as Joshua M. Smith. The sole purpose of his career is to push boundaries, take trends and rework them into his own unique style.

    Finally this week sees the return of SKWAK, in a sequel to his brilliant 'The Maniac's Dream', Halloween sees the release of 'The Monster Maniac', a Theme about a strange spirit living in your PS3; he looks you when you play, he eats your wins and your game over, he protects you, he's the maniac god of the gamers! Follow him! SKWAK is a French artist specialising in illustration, character design and graphic design.

    We hope you enjoy our Halloween special at The Studio on PlayStation Store, visit to download these and all the latest themes for your PlayStation 3 and PSP systems.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    lindwurm Guest
    Only Hydro 74 that looks good for me and i heard you can install the theme from psn by using Reactpsn 2.0... Nah i prefer the theme provided by Ps3news i download lot of them, with permission of course....

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