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    ZombieLover23 Guest

    Dynamic Themes

    Ok, I will keep in the Archives then... And, thank you for the prompt response.

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    chipo6t5 Guest
    I feel they should have came out with a popular game theme like FF7 or Halo first.

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    mrgreaper Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Deniru View Post
    I think "MW2" refers to Modern Warfare 2. Which would be awesome to see.
    ah ...i feel a bit dumb now lol though MW will always mean Mech Warrior to me and COD will always be call of duty modern warfare but i think thats just me showing my age, why is there no real decent mech games on the ps3 (offtopic i know but while on subject of missing genres, why oh why is there no light gun games) since thats offtopic then answers only on the back of a postcard or in a pm lol!

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    chumpmychange Guest
    i like the look, color, and overall concept for the videos. It shows a lot of potential..

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    pencorco Guest
    I also would like to see some themes from manufacturers. IE Honda, Ferrari, Yamaha etc. And also maybe some movie themed animations. I know they would only be sony movies though.

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    thb3x Guest

    You can install the dynamic themes

    Hi All,

    Well since reading this post and checking out the others, I have tried everything from using PS3 ProxyServer, to whatever... Nothing worked.

    But I did find a way to install them... Of course it will be a bit long, but for those of you who want to try out the free ones then just try the following:

    1) When in your PS3, just create a new user (e.g. UK or Japan)
    2) Once created login to the new user account (in this case we will use the UK a/c), and access your PSN menu.
    3) You will find that you need to create a new account.
    4) Do so but select the country as UK and of course you will need to have a separate User id and a different email address, or you will be rejected and requested to supply a different one.
    5) the address can be bogus, as I used.
    6) Once created just login and download/install the free Wipeout theme.
    7) Once installed, you do not need to keep the new PS3 user a/c, you may deleted if you wish, or keep it till the next freebie comes around.

    For AFRIKA and the Japan account be careful as when you create an account the steps will be mostly in Japanese text. If you remember the UK steps, you can go around this, and again a bogus addy is fine.

    I have installed both, and they both look good.


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    richville Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by KoolKid2K4 View Post
    i like the wipeout theme, its pretty kool.
    I agree, that theme is pretty sick!!

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    Anch Rore Guest
    Very nice dynamic themes, i like ps3 so much <3

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    tragedy Guest
    I guess it's just personal taste.. I'd find those animated backgrounds distracting and much prefer the classic look even to the default twinkly stars in 3.0.

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    nateracer85 Guest
    I'm damn gutted! I only saw last night the dynamic theme for Afrika, went to go and download it, and the bloody ting isnt free anymore.

    Ive got the PKG file but no way of installing it, tried using the proxy server and using a game demo to install it but wouldn't work. It looks so slick man!

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