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    Post Video Tutorial: Downloading Torrent Files with the PS3

    The following are instructions on downloading LEGAL torrent files directly to the PS3 via TorrentRelay.

    • Find a torrent file link.
    • Copy .torrent link (ie:
    • Go to
    • Click on the 2nd input box with [Get URL] next to it, and type in the link from above.
    • Click on [Get URL].
    • Click on the file you want. It will list all the files available on the torrent.
    • Save As dialog should pop up.


    Alternate Video:

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    I know this is an old thread but I just noticed it and had a question. If you're DL'ing a torrent through your PS3 connected to a router, can they ping your IP address?

    I told a friend of mine about the PS3 DL'ing torrents and he went paranoid anti-gov on me and started ranting about IP address and being tracked.

    Can someone help with an answer so I can shut him up?

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    The TorrentRelay site does the torrenting for you - so you personally arent downloading it via Torrent. All pings will go to the host and not you. You are just downloading it via the normal HTTP off the relay site.

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