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Thread: Video: PS3 Debug / DEX Real-Time Game Memory Modding Tutorial

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    Video: PS3 Debug / DEX Real-Time Game Memory Modding Tutorial

    Today D3cH with help from aerosoul94 has shared a tutorial on PS3 Debug / DEX real-time PlayStation 3 game memory modding for those interested with details and a video demo below.

    To quote: Hello everyone! First off I want to say special thanks to aerosoul94, we discovered this few months ago, we did a lot of mods, and now this is the time for release!

    Ok, so now I'll explain how to edit memory of PS3 games in real time.

    Tools needed:

    Your PS3 must be wired, it will not work if you're using WiFi

    Ok first, start ProDG Target Manager and go on "Search For Targets" then press the refresh button to start scanning, if all is ok your PS3 should be detected, just right click on it and move it to "Debugging Station" group then double click on it, it will add your PS3 into your targets list.

    Now in your targets list, right click on your PS3 then choose "Connect", once your PS3 is connected you can start ProDG Debugger (if it's asking you to select a target then just select your PS3). You will see a window called "Memory", that's in this window that you will edit the memory of the game you want.

    Ok now you need to make a fself (with make_fself.exe) of the ELF you want to edit memory, just go into cmd then put make_fself x.elf EBOOT.BIN where x is your ELF (it will create the EBOOT), once you have your file just put it in your PS3 in the right game folder.

    In ProDG Debugger you should see a process appear in the "Processes" window, right click on it then choose "Attach Process" then "Continue without symbols" now your process is attached and you can view memory, but when you attach it, ProDG pauses the process, you have to continue it, just go in ProDG Target Manager, expand the list of your PS3, go to "Kernel Explorer", highlight the process then press the "Continue" icon (you can also continue it with ProDG Debugger).

    Now you're done and you can edit memory of your game, by the way there are other options in ProDG Debugger, you can add breakpoints, show disassembly, etc. Also don't forget to refresh memory or just enable "Auto Update" option.

    Here is a screen of how it looks like:

    Example of real time modding:

    Enjoy your memory editing !!

    Finally, from IngPereira: Actually you can debug npdrm game but i do it in this way:

    1.- Copy NPEAXXXXX folder to /dev_hdd0/gamez/GAME_NAME/NPEAXXXXX

    Then you will rename the folder "NPEAXXXXX" to "BLESXXXXX" or "BLUSXXXXX" depending of region.

    2.- You need to edit PARAM.SFO of game to change "HG" to "DG" and change too the TITLE ID, in this example is "NPEAXXXXX" change it to "BLESXXXXX".

    3.- Later you gonna need to decrypt the EBOOT.BIN NPDRM and use makefself to make it a FSELF EBOOT.BIN, now reemplace EBOOT.BIN NPDRM to the FSELF one.

    4.- Now you need a bdemu image on the ps3 (Can be a dummy image or any game, you just need a disc game inserted) so bd icon appear on xmb.

    5.- Now use multiman to launch your new game (npdrm to disc game converted before) not with direct boot we need to redirect this new game folder BLESXXXXX to the one on bd disc so we can launch the game converted on xmb.

    6.- Then on xmb launch the bd icon with the game name of your npdrm game converted and on the PC you will see the process on tm just attach it with debugger.

    Actually is just like a kind of conversion between npdrm format to disc game (his originally form when the developers use app_home too to debug game) i use this some times with npdrm games.

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    pinoytechno Guest

    Big Grin

    thanks ps3news for the info

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    Brenza Guest
    LOL we have to say that editing RAM in real time is not something that most people can do...

    you've to know all the offsets, how to edit the values... that's quite a pain in the...

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    aries2k6 Guest
    Ya, that's over my head but still cool to see.

    thanks for the info.

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    alchybear Guest
    i have a tutorial and an example to explain how to work this how to use debugger to mod memory on ps3. your console must be on dex firmware, im using rebug 4.21 REX in my tutorial. You do need to be on 3.55 follow Dereks tut on rebug cex to dex on 4.21 rex:

    ALSO thnx you Derek, aerosoul94, & D3cH for the help to get this all started.

    first thing is first if you want to do this you must know how to modify a eboot.elf. here is a tutorial again for mw3, you will need ida pro with all the extras for ps3.elfs and bins , hxd, debbuger comes with ProDG target manager, a e3 or progskeet for back up if anything goes wrong.

    you can use modified .elfs and simply use make_fself.exe to make it a eboot for dex. mw3 uses the default_mp.self and is renamed to the eboot.bin when all finished and moved to the hdd_0/game/blusblesxxxx1.23 update/USRDIR/ its the game data update eboot that is replaced that worked for me.

    this is nothing that new except your modding the game while playing it, and it does take time and patience. you can take online but same rules must be host to make things work, not everything but majority of mods.

    follow D3cH guide to get things done. Here is my video to help you what to do a little more. You can always reset to the xmb using ProDG, i am using windows 7

    yes i corrupted my patch after i resetting everything to record how to do this by just hitting buttons. Hope this helps every one have fun.

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