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    shizzzy Guest

    Video: Freddy Krueger Dynamic PS3 Theme is Now Available

    Following up on my previous release, today I have made available a custom Freddy Krueger Dynamic PS3 Theme with a video demo of it in action below!

    Download: Freddy Krueger Dynamic PS3 Theme

    Here is another dynamic PS3 theme I have made. This one is Freddy Krueger and the src video is from the Mortal Kombat 9 trailer.

    • Theme by: Mr. Shizzy
    • Icons from Faxtron's Sin City Theme
    • Dynamic Theme Tools/Tutorial by Glowball
    • Thanks to PS3NEWS.com for supporting my works!


    Hope everyone enjoys! Comments are welcome.


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    1Panic Guest
    I prefer the real Freddy from the films.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Another HOT one from shizzzy I see, +Rep for the release and I have mainpaged it now as well!

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    shabutie78 Guest
    looks kinda silly, since it's like 5 a five second loop.

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    elser1 Guest
    freddy be one of my fave characters ever, i was hoping for something truly awesome..

    good job still and big thanks for the effort and sharing mate..

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    shizzzy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by shabutie78 View Post
    looks kinda silly, since it's like 5 a five second loop.
    You are actually limited to 87 frames when making these type of themes, so it is either going to have to be a 5 second loop, or sacrifice frame rate to make it longer

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    ynan Guest

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    sweetmusicman Guest
    Looks great. Will install it tonight. Thanks for making it availible to us.

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    inkifire Guest

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    TheMAX Guest
    Good, thanks for sharing!

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