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    Starlight Guest

    Video: Dynamic PS3 Themes Include Move for September 2010

    Earlier this week we reported on the North American and European PlayStation Store updates, and today kqgaming has shared a video of the new Dynamic PS3 Themes which include a PlayStation Move one.

    Here is what the video's caption has to say, as follows:

    The European and Japanese stores were updated with new dynamic PS3 themes, the ones from EU store are free for the PLUS users and the Japanese store gives a free dynamic PS3 theme for all to enjoy.

    Those interested can check out the Dynamic PS3 Themes for September 2010 video below via YouTube.


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    Mehx Guest
    I can't find the PS Move theme on the JAP store, help anyone?

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    ChaseHammer Guest
    majority of the dynamic themes kinda suck. I enjoy the Motorstorm one, the wipeout one is alright as well however it moves too fast for my taste.

    I was really hoping the dynamics were going to be an excellent addition but they are being very much underutilized. I think some of it has to do with poor sales but with some as high as $4 a pop its not surprising why.

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    iQuE Guest
    I couldn't find any free dynamic themes on the japanese store

    Can anyone please give me a hint on how to install the Afrika dynamic theme available here in the forums?



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    brd23 Guest
    how the heck can you find the move theme on the Jap Psn store?

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    trotskiii Guest
    i really want a flower dynamic theme free.. pls someone.

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