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    CompTronicsTec Guest

    Post Using Linux to Rip BD Movies to External HDD (NTFS or EXT3/4)

    Using Linux to Rip BD Movies to External HDD (NTFS or EXT3/4)

    A) Introduction
    B) What you need
    C) Command
    D) Explination and Details
    E) Conclusion


    A) Introduction

    This is a guide to using your PS3 Hardware with a Linux OS installed (in this guide Ubuntu) to make backup .iso's of your Blu Ray movies, and either store them on a external HDD (NTFS or EXT) or the internal HDD for network transfer to another PC.

    This guide does not discuss what you may do with that iso after you have backed it up, nor is it for discussing how to install linux on the ps3. Guides on these subjects are readily available by searching these forums or using google.

    From here on out when i mention Linux, i mean Ubuntu 9.04 , as thats what i have installed and used. Minor details may vary dependant on your distro.

    ************************************************** *****************************

    B) What you Need.

    -USB Keyboard & Mouse
    -Compatible version of Linux (i used Ubuntu PPC Alternate install 9.04)
    -External HDD or large enough internal HDD*

    *If you plan on using an internal HDD, i recommend a 80GB+ internal hdd, 60GB minimum. If you plan on storing them on the internal HDD and then xfering them to a PC, you will need to consider that a blu ray .iso can be upto 50GB in size, and you have to allot 10GB to XMB, and still have space for linux itself.

    ************************************************** ****************************

    C) Command

    Once you have Linux installed on your PS3, all you need to do is pop the Blu Ray into the drive, give it a few seconds (a cd icon should appear on the desktop). Once this happens open terminal and use the following command:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    The 'if' part is your PS3 Blu Ray drive (this shouldnt need to be changed)
    The 'of' part is the path and filename of the file you want to create. In the above example it is set to save a iso 'name.iso' to the parent directory of an external hdd.

    !!Hitting Enter will start the process...there will be NO indicator of progress...you will no its done when it goes to the next line of terminal, this could take hours!! Read section D of this tutorial.

    The 'of' part of this command is the only thing that will ever need to change. the 'name' part will be whatever you want the filename to be, for the sake of ease keep it short and simple (you can change it later).

    If you have multiple usb drives attached, or would rather save it to the internal hdd, you need to find the path for that drive/folder and enter that in the 'of' part of the command instead of '/media/disk/'

    If you do not have an external hdd or would rather save it to the internal drive and then send it accross your network to another machine, the easiest way is to use the 'dd' command to save to the internal drive and then set a share on another computer and simply move the file from your internal drive on the ps3 to that network location. To the best of my knowlege, 'dd' does not support network locations.

    ************************************************** ****************************

    D) Explination and Details

    The PS3's Blu Ray drive is only 2x speed. This means rips will take hours, i typically run it over night. Id say expect the process to take at least 8 hours for a full movie.

    This process can be done in the same way with linux on a computer with a blu ray drive, and in fact if you have a blu ray drive faster then 2x then your better of doing it direct on the computer...unless you dont want to tie up the computer.

    This process makes an exact copy of the blu ray movie, menu, extras, and most of all...copy protection as well. This guide does not discuss how to overcome this, surfice it to say its not hard and the information can be found by searching google. I personally mount the iso's on my pc and use anydvd hd and powerdvd 8 ultra.

    Ubuntu 9.04 recognized my NTFS formatted external hdd without any additional software installed, i simply just plugged in the external drive and Ubuntu mounted it.

    As for networking it to my windows pc, i dont recall the need to install anything. I set a folder on my pc as a shared folder, then went into the network in ubuntu and found the folder...i was asked for a login and pw (of my pc), and its possible the first time i accessed this that smb or samba or whatever was installed for me. From this point i could just drag and drop files from Ubuntu into the windows shared folder on my pc.

    ************************************************** ***************************

    E) Conclusion

    Hope you found this guide useful. It took me some time and effort to get the information and to discover the easiest way to do this, and im hopeing i was able to consolodate it and make it easier for others to access. Feel free to ask questions on topic if you like, ill try and help as best i can.

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    I moved it to our PS3 Guides/Tutorials section... we have a few similar to it already, however, they are older and not as clear so +Rep to you for your effort (congrats, you're now a Junior Member class user) in making this nicely written and updated guide dvdesign!

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