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Thread: Unbrick PS3 from E3 Flasher with Backup BiOS Dump Guide

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    arktos Guest
    i have a 3.72 e3 backup. i haven't tested reflash though, but it should be fine, as it gets extracted without errors in flowrebuilder.

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    mushy409 Guest
    arktos - can you mail me your 3.72 e3 backup so I can analyse/compare it? You can email it to me (look on my profile for address)

    Many thanks!

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    Sshadow2305 Guest
    Hi, can someone tell me please how i can repack the nor folders to a .bin. I had my backup from my slim the only corrupted data is bootloader_0. i want replace it from another ps3 and repack it with my folders to a bin and flash it to my ps3.

    Sorry for my english.

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    lollyboy235 Guest
    i have been reading this cause i have a bricked ps3 slim that i downgraded from 4.31 OFW to 3.55 i used a flasher, everything went successful after downgrade when i reboot the ps3 it went to the XMB after a failed attempt of De-hashing my ps3 is bricked.

    i tried this tut everything went ok as to how it was explained but after i re flash my dump and downgraded again back 3.55 my ps3 wont boot the TV screen is just blank and the power button doesn't work if i try to reset, i don't know what am doing wrong are if my bios dump is bad (which is the dump made from the 4.31 ofw thats the only one i made) am new to all this flashing stuff if guys could help me.

    sorry for the bad english

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    Bravo1979 Guest
    Thank you for this tutorial. I just have one question. You're saying to push the reset button 3 times. Where is the RESET button!!? on the TF board there is a START,a STOP in addition to the 6 switches and on the PS3, there are EJECT and OFF/ON buttons. I can't find the RESET button. Thank you for your time.

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    h82skate1968 Guest
    The reset buttin is under the sata plug in the flasher.

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    jensen76 Guest
    RESET is on the to where you put the cable from the nor clip but i don't get this tutorial.. it makes no sense to use his backup as it dosen't work on your console.

    if you have a working backup. solder a wire from sbe to tristate on ps3. put your backup on tf card and attach it. set switches to up. down, down, down, down, down

    your console is now working again. remove the wire from tristate. turn console on to see if its working. if yes then go on. patch your dump with downgrade files and put on tf card and delete all other files first. remember to keep you original dump somewhere safe. put switches all down and flash console and follow rest of the normal guide.

    this also works if your console is dead after a firmware upgrade and you dont have a working dump. solder wire to tristate then first make a dump ore several and compere them. you can't verify the dump as it is all messed up. patch your dump with downgrade files and put on tf card.

    remember to keep your dump safe. put switches all down and flash console and follow rest of the normal guide. at last after downgrading make a new dump use multiman and now you know that you have a fully workin dump again.

    I have done this to 3 consoles and they are all working normal again.

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    galijani Guest
    Good day guys.

    -This is how I have UNBRICK console that gives the image does not load hdd and usb ports are not working, and working normally.
    -UNBRICK I was a streak nor tristate to GND.Of course I took the streak that connected nor tristate with GND. Still the same problem.

    Like this:

    - I followed all the steps in this tutorial but I protection at the last step when the switch has 6 above everyone else down. I constantly throws error metldr.2.
    - Could someone send your BKPPS3 so that someone does that metldr.2 as I looked at a bunch of posts and can not do metldr.2.

    Hey guys. Is it having the tristate nor the SBE nor can the tristate to GND? A must if the SBE that it must be done at the flasher flat which connects with clip? Sorry about the bad English all go through Google translate.

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    HoshiZX Guest
    thanks for sharing

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    volks83 Guest
    thank you for that good work

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