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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    You have to say which one is your original - and the one which you want to use on your PS3.

  2. #42
    therun Guest
    Are you talking to me?

    If so, the file I uploaded is both my original and the one I wish to use on my PS3 (but am unable to).

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    Karl69 Guest
    I tried to resign a Borderlands 2 BLUS30982 gamesave into a BLES01684 gamesave which didn't work. After taking a closer look at the file inside the newly created BLES01684 gamesave directory, i noticed that only the PARAM.SFO file had a new timestamp.

    The PFD and the SAV files both had the old timestamp from the BLUS30982 gamesave, just like they were left totally unaltered by the signing process... How can that be?

    Thanks in advance for any answers.

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    JeoWay Guest
    Hey, did you check and make sure you selected the icon image file of the save as your main directory? Also, did you check and make sure that the key file for decrypting/encrypting in the keys configuration are correct? If not, make sure to go back into the bruteforce program and make sure you get the proper key and it should spit it out in the same format as the configuration

    Also, if by saying "it does not work", if you are trying to get trophies but the save works, you have to do some special requirements in order to get those trophies from another users save data. Thanks!

    Dear PS3News Users,

    For those of you who answered others question from the time I was gone til now, I want to thank you for keeping this thread alive for more users to easily find

    Thank You,

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    skoug Guest
    great guide!

  6. #46
    therun Guest
    My save doesn't work AT ALL. It's my own save, but my PS3 sees it as corrupted. I haven't tampered with it at all (nor do I wish to).

    Please help!

  7. #47
    JeoWay Guest
    Sorry, I don't have lots of time to go on many forums, pretty late answer.

    If its your OWN gamesave, that just corrupted one day sitting in your PS3, most likely it was caused by a crash in the software which results in a bad save. Resigning saves is different however, it doesn't really make them usable if they are literally corrupt.

    However, you can ask someone if they have a save data for that specific game near where your checkpoint (or whatever its called for that game) is at.

  8. #48
    kiyashiki Guest
    Can someone help me do for my watchdogs save file please.

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    Orochisudo Guest
    I have yet to try this, however I will embark on it later. Thank you so much for your work here and the guide.

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    androlivei Guest

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