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  1. #31
    matt101 Guest
    here is my save for you OVERSOLDIER... thanks for your help again.


    there 2 save files i didn't know which 1 to upload so i did both... thanks again m8... appreciated.

  2. #32
    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Ooops, mixed something up. Try this: http://uploaded.net/file/pxw00c9t

  3. #33
    imy7890 Guest
    i have question on 6 can it be any save data from the ps3, and i dont get 16

  4. #34
    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Yes, on step 6 you should copy over your own save from your PS3. And step 16 is for the ps3 save resigner 2.0.5 setup.

  5. #35
    ronisaginger Guest

    resign didn't work

    oversoldier, the ff13 resign didn't work... got the corrupted picture on it when I went to transfer to ps3...

  6. #36
    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Here is it now. Done with an other resigning method. Have fun !


    I know you may don't need it anymore - but here it is.


  7. #37
    matt101 Guest
    thanks again oversoldier... for your time to help me out... but i still get...this save data was copied from another user. earning trophies will be disabled. saving game to a new save will also be disabled... looks like i gotta start it all again... once again thanks m8.

    i figured it out... don't know exactly how i did it ...i don't have the disabled error anymore or the trophies disabled error as well. just hope i can get the trophies while playing i can start new game plus... i can select chapters... and all my stats are there... thanks again m8... respect

  8. #38
    therun Guest

    "Corrupted" The Last of Us savefile

    I also have a save (no cheats) for The Last of Us that the PS3 considers corrupted, although Save Resigner and BruteForce can read it. I've tried so hard to move this back to my PS3 (as the PS3's version was corrupted/ screwed up somehow) but have had no luck. Please help!


    Thank you in advance.

  9. #39
    msteffes Guest
    Thank you for this info on game save very much need

  10. #40
    gonzalz9241 Guest
    great guide thanks

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