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Thread: Tutorial: Run SEGA/SNES Emulators on any PS3 FW, any region via XMB!

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    Starlight Guest


    The USBD.IRX file is what enables a usb port, and you can get one of a ps2 game but see if you can find one under 30 kbs in size as most of the ones over that size don't seem to work good or not at all.

    The mc0:B?DATA-SYSTEM/USBD.IRX means that the USBD.IRX file has to be copy to the B?DATA-SYSTEM Folder on the memory card in slot 1, and the ? would be your regoin example BADATA = America region and BEDATA = Europe region.

    This folder would be in the icon you see on your memory that looks like a memory card when you are browsing the mc.

    The problem would be to get the USBD.IRX to that folder as i am not sure when using a ps3 how to do it, with ps2 you can use mc exploits etc to do this with a flash drive, but ps3 will be differant as mc exploits do not work on ps3, sorry i couldn't give anymore info at this time but if i find any info more about this i will post.

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    madmark1 Guest
    finally got it to work i needed to get UlaunchElf 3.80 to get a file called usb_mass.irx and i got the actual USBD.IRX file from naplink-ps2-v1.0.1a but it was called npm-usbd.irx so i had to rename it to USBD.IRX.

    i would also like to point out if you have a US console, it should be BADATA-SYSTEM. and for pal its BEDATA-SYSTEM but you should have a BEDATA-SYSTEM folder with 4 files inside, a psxloader folder with 4 files in and 1 folder called modules in there 7 files including the ps2 BIOS files and finally swap magic folder with 8 files in. on your root eg K:\ should be usb_mass.irx and USBD.IRX ready to be copied to 'mc0:/'.

    ps now that ive got it to load the emulators i have to firgure out how to run roms (the games) in the emulator. anyone know what folder they need to go to?

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    leonidas26 Guest
    They shouldn´t have to go to any specific folder, if your using the usb version of snes and pgen. after starting the emu, you just navigate to where you stored your roms. you can also make a folder on your mc0 or mc1 and put the roms on there.

    make sure that after you start psxloader, you hit select to for the configuration option. it should be D or F (pgen). hope that helps.

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    novirtue Guest

    My mouth is watering

    I can't wait to get this stuff up and running, originally I joined this site for the downloads but this is an awesome tutorial, I hope more and more exploits are found for the ps3 it's the only thing for me that it's lacking, I quite enjoy everything else, and I don't mind paying $60 for a game, but the cost of the system was quite expensive, so being able to run some homebrew would be great.

    Ok I need some serious help on this one here are the things I have

    80 GB NTSC PS3 (Unmodded)
    Swap Magic 3.6 (original disc)
    3 Different Usb sticks (non of which seem to work)
    When I press R1+Up on the first one it locks up and I have to restart and on the other 2 it doesn't do anything at all

    Can someone help me out?

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    leonidas26 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by novirtue View Post
    Can someone help me out?
    Ok, I´ll try. the 1st usb drive is definately not compatible. check your other 2, to see if they are in FAT32 format. it is hard to find a usb pen that is compatible. most external usb hdd´s that are in FAT32,work. the psp is also compatible. what brand of usb pens are you using?

    I have an A-data RB19 pen drive that works well. I´ve heard the Sandisk cruzer 8gb also works. try every usb device that you can get your hands on. You´ll need some patience because it can be frustrating but you´ll eventually find something compatible.

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    O40ozConstable Guest
    Hey guys,

    I just ordered Swap Magic 3.6 the other day and i'm anxiously awaiting it so I can try this out and get some SNES games running on the PS3. I just wanted to ask if anyone knows if this will work with firmware 2.5? I want to get the new SOCOM game and the PS headset and I know that will require me updating my ps3 to 2.5. I know I could just wait and find out but I figured Id ask to see what everyone else though.

    I sure hope it still works...


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    aries2k6 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by O40ozConstable View Post
    I just wanted to ask if anyone knows if this will work with firmware 2.5?
    Ya, it´s still working on 2.5

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    darkkarnie Guest

    snes emu ps3 probs

    ok i followed the tutorial to a t for SEGA/SNES Emulator FilePack For PS3

    all goes well until i hit step 6

    6) Now go ulaunch will boot again, go to cdfs:/ again, and start Swap Magic Coder v3.8.ELF. SM will boot, now go to smboot press X and X again to boot smboot0. PSXloader will boot, and press select to select the right usb driver. F (Pgen) for pgen, and sio usb mass(E)/xsio usb mass(D) for the snes emulator

    when i hit x on smboot0 from swap magic the screen starts rolling up and down so fast that i cant read the text or get away from that screen its a black screen with white writing

    please tell me what im doing wrong

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    veggav Guest
    I do not have swap magic disk and i'm trying to put my original final fantasy 10 game in to the ps3 and them swap for the ulaunch burned disc of this tutorial.

    It happens two things, one the ps3 go back to the xmb saying error (if I swap before the ps2 logo appears) two, it freezes if I swap for the ulaunch before the ps2 logo appears.

    I'm in firmware 2.80, is there any possibility here without installing linux ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by veggav View Post
    I'm in firmware 2.80, is there any possibility here without installing linux ?
    I pasted this in the chatbox the other day, but here is a link to doing it without linux that may help.

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